Holdfast, Clegg

  • Appeared in:
  • Homeworld:
    New Plympto
  • Species:
  • Gender:
  • Size:
    1.52 meters
  • Vehicle:
    Volvec KT9 Wasp Podracer
  • Affiliation:
    Boonta Eve Classic

From the Movies

The arrogant Clegg Holdfast was a competitor in the fateful Boonta Eve Classic race that took place around the time of the Battle of Naboo. Holdfast proudly brandished a set of decorative medals on his lapel as testament to his racing prowess. Those shiny brass decorations didn't mean a thing to a conniving racer like Sebulba. In the second lap of the race, Sebulba opened up his Podracer's flame-jets while next to Clegg. The blaze cooked Holdfast's engines and forced the horned pilot to crash into the desert.

From the Expanded Universe

For all his pomp, Holdfast was regarded as a joke by his fellow racers. Not exactly a pro, Holdfast is actually a journalist for Podracing Quarterly. To cover his stories from the inside, Holdfast entered competitions, though few would argue that his racing skills come anywhere near his writing abilities.

Though his racer was eliminated in the second lap of the Boonta Eve Podrace, the official standings indicate that Holdfast did finish -- dead last, coming in seventh. There are some that speculate that Holdfast used his journalistic connections to doctor the race results to save his struggling career.

Behind the Scenes

New footage created specifically for the DVD release of The Phantom Menace features an extended close-up of Clegg Holdfast bowing before cheering race fans, as well as his Podracer falling victim to Sebulba's dirty tricks.

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