Naberrie, Jobal

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    1.63 meters

From the Movies

Jobal Naberrie was deeply concerned for her daughter Padmé Amidala. As a young woman, Padmé had given so much of her life to public duty that by her early 20s, she was entitled to retire and start a family of her own. But the compassion and selflessness that Jobal and her husband Ruwee instilled in their children was very strong. When Padmé stepped down as Queen of Naboo to become the Senatorial representative of the planet, Jobal supported her, though she would insistently remind young Padmé that it was perhaps time to think of herself.

From the Expanded Universe

Jobal and Ruwee Naberrie moved from a small mountain village to the city of Theed when their children were very young, to offer them a chance at a higher education and richer life. Jobal volunteered her services to the underprivileged of Naboo, working in a variety of social service roles.

Sola and Padmé would affectionately joke about their mother's zeal as a hostess. "No one has ever left this house hungry," was a common phrase invoked during the presentation of Jobal's lavish meals.

Behind the Scenes

Jobal Naberrie was played by Trisha Noble, who offered a brief interview during production in this installment of on location.

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