Brian O'Kelley

Widely considered a visionary in the field of online media, Brian created the first successful ad exchange as CTO of Right Media (acquired by Yahoo for $850MM in July 2007). Prior to Right Media, Brian was CEO of Netamorphosis, an early social networking and e-commerce site for events and venues. Brian was also an early innovator in real-time personalization and real-time ad optimization at LogicSpan, a consulting and technology integration firm, and later co-founded Cetova, a web-based reporting and analytics platform for enterprise financial systems. While earning a computer science degree at Princeton University, Brian started a web design firm, building an open-source e-commerce engine used by more than 100 companies. Brian is an active partner at Grape Arbor, an angel investor group. Since its founding in 2006, Grape Arbor LLC has made investments into more than a dozen technology companies.

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  • “Partnering with AppNexus, the most sophisticated real-time ad platform available today, is a natural fit for us.” – Collective
  • “AppNexus, the real-time ad platform, was recently named one of 2010’s ‘Cool Vendors in Media’” – Gartner
  • “Matt Ackley, vice president for Internet marketing and advertising at eBay, said he had seen triple-digit increases in return on investment since he began working with AppNexus.” – The New York Times
  • “Let’s celebrate the valuable innovations that sophisticated ad networks are bringing to our industry, and focus on capitalizing on the opportunities they’re creating, rather than fixating on their well-earned margins” – Brian O’Kelley in ClickZ
  • “As big as it is — and mind you, it is big (6 billion impressions in the U.S. and maybe 15 billion globally at any point in time) — it's still a small piece of what’s actually on the Internet.” – Michael Rubenstein in MediaPost
  • “Our business, which we've built on the AppNexus platform, is thriving. They offer us core RTB technologies and an open infrastructure on which we have built out our own set of tools customised for operation within the European market. In our opinion, their platform is undoubtedly best-in-class.” – Martin Kelly, Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Infectious Media
  • “Real-time and AppNexus are transforming our business, it's amazing.” – Sebastiaan Schepers, Chief Operating Officer, BannerConnect
  • “Real-time bidding, through AppNexus, has given us an access and control over inventory that we could only dream of two years ago.” – Guido Pfister, CTO, mexad