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One of the most exciting elements of the City of Parks initiative is the plan to complete a paved Louisville Loop trail of more than 100 miles around the community. In addition to connecting Louisvilleā€™s diverse parks and neighborhoods, this path includes planned connections to Southern Indiana and surrounding Kentucky counties, offering significant new opportunities for recreation and alternative transportation.

The Ohio River Levee Trail and the RiverWalk are now connected, and the loop is approximately 25% complete. This will allow a bicyclist or pedestrian to travel nearly 25 miles from downtown to Riverside, the Farnsley-Moremen Landing along paved multi-use paths.

  • For more information on Bike Louisville, including bicycle trails throughout Metro Louisville click here.
  • For design standards along the Louisville Loop, please click (warning, large PDF document) here.

Components of the Louisville Loop trail:

The Ohio River Levee Trail and the RiverWalk (please follow the link for the route map)

  • Southwest Loop Corridor, from Bardstown Road to Riverside, the Farnsley-Moremen Landing, passing through McNeely Lake Park and Jefferson Memorial Forest (planning nearly complete)
    * For a map of the proposed Pond Creek corridor click here.
  • River Road corridor, from downtown into the eastern suburbs (partially complete; additional planning underway)
  • Northeast Loop Corridor, from northern end of River Road to Miles Park on Shelbyville Road (planning nearly complete)
  • Olmsted Parkways Multi-Use Paths, a 10-mile path system is planned along the historic Olmsted Parkway system (planning complete)
  • The Park Lands of Floyds Fork, from Shelbyville Road to Bardstown Road (funded; master plan complete)

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