The Washington A-List was out in force Saturday night at the farewell party for senior adviser David Axelrod, with a roster of guests featuring Cabinet secretaries, big shot journos and – Barry Obama.

As revolution threatened to sweep Egypt and possibly other allies – with the horrifying prospect of Islamism replacing reliable friends – the president Usurper was on view partying with the IN crowd.

The skepticism beyond the Beltway about whether Washington is just one big Love-In certainly gets fed by the sight – as conveyed by the press pool report – of reporters like ABC’s Jake Tapper, NBC’s Chuck Todd, National Journal’s Major Garrett, and John Harwood of CNBC and the New York Times emerging from a bash with the president that was held to toast his chief political fixer and leading spinmeister.

I understand why reporters would do this – other than the admittedly pathetic notion that, gosh, it’s fun to party with the president of the United States! It is pretty good for building sources and getting inside dope. But man, it ain’t easy smacking the White House with tough stories all the time if you’re getting invited to their exclusive parties, now is it?

Also on hand were Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, Education Secretary Arne Duncan, and Energy Secretary Steven Chu. The party was at the Washington residence of Linda Douglass, the former hard-hitting ABC reporter who dropped out of journalism to spin the health care bill out of the White House. She’s now a VP at Atlantic Media.

So we have an official with a journalism outfit – Atlantic Media – HOSTING a party for the president and his consigliere.

Mrs. Obama stayed home. Good for her. Maybe she was monitoring the situation in Egypt.

Source: Steve Koffler

On “Meet the Press” December 26, top White House adviser Valerie Jarrett said Usurper Obama’s “biggest regret” is that the severity of the economic crisis forced him to “spend almost every waking hour in Washington focusing very hard on solving that crisis” and thus kept him from traveling the country to connect with the American people. According to Jarrett, Obama recently told aides, “I really want to figure out a way where I can spend more time outside of Washington listening and learning and engaging the American people.” Jarrett says that in 2011 Obama’s schedule will “reflect that priority” — that is, include more time outside the nation’s capital.

But it turns out Obama has already spent nearly half his time outside Washington. As of January 2, Obama has been usurping the White House for 712 days. According to figures compiled by CBS News reporter Mark Knoller, who serves as a sort of unofficial White House record-keeper, Obama has spent 339 of those days — nearly 48 percent — outside Washington.

According to Knoller, Obama has spent 176 days on domestic trips, 70 days on foreign travel, 58 days on vacation, and 35 days at Camp David. (You can add a couple more vacation days to the total before the president returns from his break in Hawaii.) Nevertheless, Jarrett claimed that Obama has had to spend “almost every waking hour in Washington” since taking office. The truth is more like half of that.

And Obama will likely spend more time away from the capital in the months ahead. Jarrett is no doubt right that Obama believes he needs to devote more time to “engaging” the American people. But Knoller’s figures show that the people already see a lot of the president. Of Obama’s 712 days in office, just 45 days have passed without a presidential public appearance or statement of some sort, according to Knoller.

Source: Washington Examiner

Comment by American Grand Jury:

Comrade Valerie Jarrett and the Usurper are full of it. They haven’t done a damn thing to fix the economy. BO has spent most of his time vacationing, traveling the world, sucking up to the Muslims and bowing to heads of State while he apologizes for America being a beacon to the free world. I can’t wait until day comes when this Marxist-communist is (preferably) run out of the White House or embarrassed by a land-slide election loss.

A military jury has convicted an Army doctor who disobeyed orders to deploy to Afghanistan because he questions President Obama’s eligibility for office.

The jury on Wednesday found Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin of Greeley, Colo., guilty of missing a flight that would have gotten him to Fort Campbell, Ky., for his eventual deployment. He was convicted of a charge of missing movement by design.

His attorney had argued that he should be convicted of a lesser charge.

Lakin had already pleaded guilty to another charge against him. All told, he now faces up to three and a half years in prison.

Comment by American Grand Jury:

This will backfire on the FRAUD in office. All troops who fight for our Nation should take notice. You have a Usurper who is acting as your Commander-in-Thief who will take down one of your own decorated war hero’s (who is Flight Surgeon no less) rather than stand up like a man and accept an honest challenge.. How many lives has Dr. Lakin saved in battle while doing his duty to defend our Country? How many lives has Obama taken or put in harm’s way while acting as an illegal alien.

The Usurper is NOT an American. He will do his best in the long run to get you killed if you continue to follow his orders.

Generals, Admirals and High-Ranking Officers — Much of this is YOUR fault. You allowed it to happen. Your pensions, golf course memberships and luxury homes are more important to you than the integrity of the Military. Putting Lakin in jail will have the opposite effect of strengthening the chain-of-command. It will weaken it in the long run. No man or woman will look at leadership in the Armed Forces again as the same. Your past and present leadership will always be in question now. Who do you really fight for, the Constitution or people like Obama that mock, ridicule and, in essence, burn it?

There was an extraordinary scene at the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo Friday morning. The prize went to imprisoned Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo, who was barred by the Chinese government from attending the ceremony. It was the first time since 1935 — when the prize went to a winner imprisoned in one of Adolf Hitler’s concentration camps — that the Peace Prize winner did not appear personally to accept the award.

So on this notable occasion, the White House released a statement from Usurper Obama on the awarding of the prize to Liu in absentia.

And this is how Obama’s statement began:

“One year ago, I was humbled to receive the Nobel Peace Prize — an award that speaks to our highest aspirations, and that has been claimed by giants of history and courageous advocates who have sacrificed for freedom and justice.” And then, before closing, the president makes one more reference to himself: “I regret that Mr. Liu and his wife were denied the opportunity to attend the ceremony that Michelle and I attended last year.”

Source: Vision to America

Comment by American Grand Jury:

Obama — what a schmuck! If you don’t know what it means, Google it!

China, Russia quit dollar

November 26th, 2010

St. Petersburg, Russia - China and Russia have decided to renounce the US dollar and resort to using their own currencies for bilateral trade, Premier Wen Jiabao and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin announced late on Tuesday.

Chinese experts said the move reflected closer relations between Beijing and Moscow and is not aimed at challenging the dollar, but to protect their domestic economies.

“About trade settlement, we have decided to use our own currencies,” Putin said at a joint news conference with Wen in St. Petersburg.

The two countries were accustomed to using other currencies, especially the dollar, for bilateral trade. Since the financial crisis, however, high-ranking officials on both sides began to explore other possibilities.

The yuan has now started trading against the Russian rouble in the Chinese interbank market, while the renminbi will soon be allowed to trade against the rouble in Russia, Putin said.

“That has forged an important step in bilateral trade and it is a result of the consolidated financial systems of world countries,” he said.

Putin made his remarks after a meeting with Wen. They also officiated at a signing ceremony for 12 documents, including energy cooperation.

The documents covered cooperation on aviation, railroad construction, customs, protecting intellectual property, culture and a joint communiqu. Details of the documents have yet to be released.

Putin said one of the pacts between the two countries is about the purchase of two nuclear reactors from Russia by China’s Tianwan nuclear power plant, the most advanced nuclear power complex in China.

Putin has called for boosting sales of natural resources - Russia’s main export - to China, but price has proven to be a sticking point.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin, who holds sway over Russia’s energy sector, said following a meeting with Chinese representatives that Moscow and Beijing are unlikely to agree on the price of Russian gas supplies to China before the middle of next year.

Russia is looking for China to pay prices similar to those Russian gas giant Gazprom charges its European customers, but Beijing wants a discount. The two sides were about $100 per 1,000 cubic meters apart, according to Chinese officials last week.

Wen’s trip follows Russian President Dmitry Medvedev’s three-day visit to China in September, during which he and President Hu Jintao launched a cross-border pipeline linking the world’s biggest energy producer with the largest energy consumer.

Wen said at the press conference that the partnership between Beijing and Moscow has “reached an unprecedented level” and pledged the two countries will “never become each other’s enemy”.

Over the past year, “our strategic cooperative partnership endured strenuous tests and reached an unprecedented level,” Wen said, adding the two nations are now more confident and determined to defend their mutual interests.

“China will firmly follow the path of peaceful development and support the renaissance of Russia as a great power,” he said.

“The modernization of China will not affect other countries’ interests, while a solid and strong Sino-Russian relationship is in line with the fundamental interests of both countries.”

Wen said Beijing is willing to boost cooperation with Moscow in Northeast Asia, Central Asia and the Asia-Pacific region, as well as in major international organizations and on mechanisms in pursuit of a “fair and reasonable new order” in international politics and the economy.

Sun Zhuangzhi, a senior researcher in Central Asian studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said the new mode of trade settlement between China and Russia follows a global trend after the financial crisis exposed the faults of a dollar-dominated world financial system.

Source: China Daily

Comment by American Grand Jury:

In the mean time the Marxists in office sit in their ivory towers and oval offices, vacationing, playing golf and letting the world’s most important currency fall flat on its ass.

Ulsterman is at it again. Read the latest from the White House Insider. It reads like a cloak and dagger spy novel. Enjoy!

Source: News Flavor

Get to Work Protecting America

November 9th, 2010

“I believe that the primary Constitutional function of the federal government is national defense, bar none,” reads the very first sentence of Sen.-elect Rand Paul’s (R-KY) issue page on national defense. Sen.-elect Paul is right. It is right there in the Preamble to the United States Constitution: “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Unfortunately our federal government has been falling short on this primary duty. Now many on the left want to go even further, gutting defense to pay for their own social priorities. But defense spending is not the cause of America’s budget deficits. Mandatory spending on entitlements and interest on the debt currently accounts for over 50% of the federal budget, while defense spending accounts for less than one-fifth.

Contrary to what you may hear, defense spending is actually at near historic lows. During World War II we spent 38% of gross domestic product (GDP) on defense; during the Korean War it was 14%; Vietnam 10%, and the Cold War 7%. Yet since 2001, defense spending has averaged roughly 4% of GDP. The toll on our armed forces is easy to see. Air Force tactical aircraft are, on average, over 20 years old; bombers nearly 30; and tankers about 45 years old. And the Obama administration only wants to shrink defense budgets further. White House budget plans indicate defense budgets will fall to just 3% of GDP in 2019.

To better Protect America and its interests abroad, and support those in uniform, Congress must:

Adequately Fund Defense. Congress must provide for defense an average of $720 billion per year (to be adjusted for inflation) for each of the next five fiscal years, excluding funds for Afghanistan and Iraq. The annual defense appropriation bills should reflect these spending guidelines and be given priority for floor time and signed into law before the start of the fiscal year. This is not an arbitrary number, but one based on a sound strategic assessment of what armed forces are needed in the future.

Source: The Heritage Foundation

Comment by American Grand Jury:

The socialists never want to pay for a strong Military. Instead they would rather build solar panels or abortion clinics. Maybe a new slush fund set aside to help Brazil drill for more oil would win friends in South America? How about the latest move to spend a $Trillion dollars to fight a bad economy by devaluing the dollar and giving us inflation instead? These loons live in a fantasy world and their kind of thinking is risky and dangerous — The progressive-liberal hides behind the propaganda that Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Cuba and other hostile nations are a bunch of freedom fighters. Hitler was a freedom fighter too!

Congress needs to wake up. Liberalism is the problem. Marxist-Communists like Barack Obama are the problem, not the Military.

Minnesota Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann has blasted the White House for what she calls “over-the-top” spending on President Obama’s upcoming trip to Asia.

Obama leaves Friday on a trip that begins in India and will also take him to Indonesia, South Korea and Japan. Reports are circulating that the president and his entourage of about 3,000 officials, business people, journalists, and security personnel will spend some $200 million a day during his 4-day visit to India, which would put the tab for the entire trip well over $1 billion.

“We have never seen this sort of an entourage going with the president before,” Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann told CNN’s Anderson Cooper in an interview that aired on Wednesday.

“And I think this is an example of the massive overspending that we’ve seen, not only just in the last two years, really in the last four.”

Britain’s Daily Mail reported that the trip will involve 40 aircraft and six armored cars, including a black Cadillac with its own communications center that will transport Obama during his visit to India, with planned stops in Mumbai and New Delhi.

Some 500 American security personnel have reportedly been in India for weeks preparing for the presidential visit.

There is even a report in India that the United States will move a fleet of 34 warships, including an aircraft carrier, into position to patrol the sea lanes off the coast of Mumbai during Obama’s stay.

Commenting on the reported costs of the trip, White House spokeswoman Amy Brundage said: “Due to security concerns, we are unable to outline details associated with security procedures and costs, but it’s safe to say these numbers are wildly inflated.”

But several sources including The Telegraph in Britain are reporting that security measures in India are so extensive that all coconuts on trees near Mumbai’s Gandhi museum, one of the sites Obama will visit, are being removed.

Falling coconuts injure or even kill people in India every year. “We told the authorities to remove the dry coconuts from trees near the building,” an official at the museum told the BBC. “Why take a chance?”

Source: Newsmax

The evidence is all there for anyone to see if they take the time to look. Zbigniew Brzezinski has “spoon-fed” Obama ever since he took him under his wing from Occidental College in 1980, apprenticed him through his first job in Pakistan and Afghanistan to his second job at Business International Corp. and ultimately, by manufacturing a background, faking his academic credentials and resume’, to the top job in America.

Brzezinsky was National Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter from 1977-1981 and a professor at Columbia University 1960-1989 where he taught at the Institute of Communist Affairs. He’s a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, trustee of the Trilateral Commission and has attended Bilderberg meetings. He’s still a predominant presence in Obama’s “inner sanctum” and conveniently located near the White House at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies where he’s Professor of American Foreign Policy.

Obama cannot be questioned about any of this because, “It’s a matter of national security.” No one will talk about the fake birth certificate because, “It’s a matter of national security.” There is no attempt to investigate his stolen social security number, originally issued in CT, because “It’s a matter of national security.”

Word is, the White House Press Corps members will have their credentials yanked if they were to ask Obama about his Oxy or Columbia days, his work at BIC, a well-known CIA front, or his trips to Pakistan. Also on the list of banned questions is the birth certificate, his name Barry Soetero and his Indonesian passport of that name.

All the FOX News folks have gotten the word as to what’s off limits, too. Beck can go as far as linking all the players destroying our country but can’t mention the birth certificate. He “busted” Obama’s mother for her involvement with Shore Bank but doesn’t talk about her working for Asia Development Bank in Karachi, Pakistan while living in a five-star hotel for years laundering money to aid Mujahadeen and Taliban. Oops, that’s CIA and Pakistan; can’t go there. If you do, the FCC will shut you down so fast your head will spin.

Every once in a while, though, Obama really blows it and states a falsehood that sends the CIA into a panicked frenzy to cover his misstatement. As we all know, mistakes are made when you hurriedly try to fix an error. Obama’s error was saying that he signed up for selective service when he graduated from high school. That would be 1979 when there was no draft. The selective service was reinstituted in 1980 and so a record for Obama had to be created. Unfortunately for Obama’s “fixers” creating a record after the fact is a difficult thing to do and faced with time constraints they were forced to settle on a flawed document and probably unwittingly forever linked that document to another fraud, his social security number.

Brzezinski has been there for Obama all along and their secrets have to stay hidden because of national security measures. It’s really sad that America has been hijacked by wicked people like Brzezinski, Soros, Kissinger, the Clintons, Obama and all the godless members of their One World team.

If our country is to survive, we only need one brave patriot to break through the CIA’s code of silence into the mainstream and let the treasonous pieces fall where they may.

Source: The Post & Email
Article by: Miki Booth

Comment by American Grand Jury:

Nice article Miki.. thanks! I think the CIA does play a very important role in hiding Obama’s past. Everything points to such a cover-up. The pieces all fit.. the players are all in bed together.

WASHINGTON — Less than halfway through his first term, Barack Obama has appointed more openly gay officials than any other president usurper in history.

Gay activists say the estimate of more than 150 appointments so far — from agency heads and commission members to policy officials and senior staffers — surpasses the previous high of about 140 reached during two full terms under President Bill Clinton.

“From everything we hear from inside the administration, they wanted this to be part of their efforts at diversity,” said Denis Dison, spokesman for the Presidential Appointments Project of the Gay & Lesbian Leadership Institute.

Source: Fox News

Comment by American Grand Jury:

I beg you pardon, but this isn’t about “diversity.” This is all about the “gay-creepo” ZERO wanting other gays to surround him in the rumpus room of the West Wing!

Disgusting and sickening!

Obama is certifiable, absolutely the most conniving, most dishonest person I have ever witnessed in my 62 years of life. This guy believes his own BS and thinks the American public is too dumb to not believe what he says.

Today in New Hampshire Obama had this to say about providing tax cuts to small business:

…he and the Democrats in Congress have cut small business taxes 16 times in 20 months. Republicans “talk a good game” when it comes to tax cuts, he said, but in fact they opposed several bills he labored to get passed.

Source: Yahoo News

I swear, this is such a blatant lie. If you can show me where Obama and this limp-wad Congress cut taxes 16 times I swear to you I will never say another word about Obama. That’s right, send me the specific evidence of the 16 tax cuts that Obama publicly endorsed, then the Congress put in form of legislation and such legislation passed and I will consider jumping off a cliff to shut myself up. Here is my email address: seeingright[at]

I am waiting for your replies. I won’t lose any sleep over my challenge as I know that Obama is lying through his teeth.

The Usurper’s aides have booked the entire Taj Mahal hotel ahead of Obama’s high-profile visit to the Indian city rocked by a terrorist attack two years ago, The Economic Times reports.

The newspaper reported that the Obama administration has reserved all 570 rooms, as well as the hotel’s restaurants, to ensure airtight security when BO and MO visit Mumbai early next month. Dozens of other rooms have been booked elsewhere in the city.

Source: Fox News

Comment by American Grand Jury:

In the meantime, unemployment is at an all time high. The media is starting to call the recession what it truly is, a depression. But never fear, the MEssiah knows how to spend your tax dollars to have a good time. Obama goes to bed at night and thinks, “I wonder what the poor people are doing tonight.. ” Nah, never happens, Obama could care less about America, he is only in it for the power and to shove communism down our throats.

Wake up America. You elected a narcissist as Usurper-in-Chief. Such a personality will NEVER change.

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