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  1. Duke’s Alaska

    When Duke Russell paints Alaska, he's more likely to portray rust than aurora. The so-called "built environment"-streets, buildings, landscaping, and commercial signs-gives Russell what mountains, glaciers, beaches and trees give the bulk of Alaska's artists, most of whom expend their talent idealizing nature. In a market flooded with fish, Russell gives us portraits of fry cooks. His characters, and he seems to genuinely admire most of them, are apt to be doing ordinary things such as shopping, ordering a coffee or lining their vehicles up at a traffic light. They may have panned for gold or flown a bush plane, but Russell only rarely shows them doing such overtly Alaska things. Instead he immerses them in the busy contemporary gestalt of Anchorage, the city more Alaskans than care to admit it have actually been a part of.

    "This is my favorite block," Russell says as we roll west along Fourth Avenue in his Subaru wagon. We pass murals that seem to have been allowed as much as commissioned. He loves them. We've just left the White Spot Café, a landmark small diner on the east end of downtown that hosts its own Duke Russell original. His favorite block is a jumble of old-Anchorage commerce between C and D Streets, where a late-‘70s aesthetic remains intact. Downtown is where the young Duke Russell taught himself to sketch. He arrived at the age of 12 with his father, a single dad and son, and the two lived in a one-room apartment above a bar.

  2. The Moore Report: Palin’s perfect storm

    Us pollsters don't like making predictions. No really... we don't. We can measure things at any given point in time, but we can't, no matter how much others may want us to, see into the future. Today, however, I'm going to make an exception, because I'm absolutely certain of what I'm going to predict.

    No ands, ifs or buts about it, Sarah Palin is going to run for president.

  3. It’s past time to stop bullying in Anchorage schools

    Bye Bye Bullies (a 501(c)3) educational nonprofit) came to life after the most heart-wrenching case of my legal career starting nine years ago. Eight top lawyers turned it down. In desperation a father came to me. His son, "Tom", an 87-pound 7th grade genius with a math IQ of 177, with no social skills, who soloed and got his pilots license in 12 hours, was bullied and beat up 12 times at Central Junior High School by the children of some prominent Anchorage families and suspended each time by the Anchorage School District.

    This continued into November of 8th grade until "Tom" gave up and hanged himself. Part of him was revived. Premera would not cover a self-inflicted injury. Today he lives with his loving parents who feed him through a feeding tube in his stomach and change his diapers and take him for walks.

  4. Electronic monitoring vs. I.D. checks

    The Anchorage Assembly is now confronted with three mandatory I.D. checking ordinances for the sale of alcohol.

    The assembly's answer to the question of how to stop those few abusive drinkers who still drive is mandatory I.D. checks. A "Red Stripe" requirement was implemented in 2007 to signify that the license holder was court-ordered not to purchase or consume alcohol. Out of over 200,000 adults of drinking age in Anchorage, and a million tourists annually, there are only 486 "Red Stripers."

  5. Feedback from the issue of 5.19.2011

    This defense attorney disagrees with Ivan regarding sexual assault plea bargains

    Mr. Moore writes of his profound displeasure in Governor Parnell because a local business owner's sexual assault charges were reduced to misdemeanors ("The Moore Report: Parnell's failure," May 12). His report displays an appalling ignorance on several levels.

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