Ritual Abuse

The European Roots of the Illuminati
This article discusses the true power base of the Illuminati, and how it can impact a survivor in this group.
Call for Policy to Increase Protection for Victims of Ritual Abuse in San Diego, Part II
Part 2 of this outstanding article asking for victim advocacy and change from organizations that work with victims of ritual abuse.
Call for Policy to Increase Protection for Victims of Ritual Abuse in San Diego, Part I
Part one of two articles asking for action on the behalf of survivors in San Diego County, from organizations that often receive referrals that address survivor/victim concerns. This is a strong call to action and for much-needed change, and should give hope to every survivor.
Education Matters: Denial in Dissociation
Denial often plays a crucial role in the dissociative process, and must be addressed for healing to occur. This article discusses denial and how it can be addressed therapeutically.
Dealing With Threats
*trigger warning: this describes abuse and could be triggering to survivors of cult abuse. Please exercise caution when reading. Dealing with threats is common for those leaving an abusive cult. This articles discusses this topic from a personal perspective.
Easter in the Cult
**trigger graphic discussion of abuse and a ritual, please do not read without a therapist present**This article discusses how the cult celebrates the Easter season.
Shadow Government and Mount Pony
**trigger warning: this could be difficult to read if you are a survivor of mind control or abuse.**Carol has graciously allowed her article that discusses events in the northern Virginia area to be published here. There is a lot more going on in the suburbs around Washington, DC than most people realize.
Your Tax Dollars at Work
Discusses governmental mind control; trigger warning could be difficult for survivors to read.
Christmas in the Cult
*Trigger warning: article discusses abuse * This article discusses what the Christmas holiday often means to the survivor of generational occult abuse, and how to help.
The End of the Illuminati
*trigger warning: contains strong Christian message and contains Bible verses. This article discusses Biblical prophecy and the end of occult groups.
A Day in the Life of a Trainer
*Trigger warning: contains graphic description of cult activities. This article discusses a typical day in the life of a cult trainer.
Dealing With PTSD
PTSD is a common side effect of ritual abuse. Here I discuss what it is, the symptoms, and how it is treated.
Goessoftly is a retired therapist who has deep compassion for survivors, and shares some thoughts here on how therapists can sometimes unknowingly retraumatize their clients
Satanic Ritual Abuse: The Evidence Surfaces
**trigger warning: contains some graphic descriptions This is one of the best articles I have ever read on the reality of ritual abuse, with evidence cited that makes disbelief difficult.
Eating Disorders and Ritual Abuse
This article discusses how ritual abuse and cult programming can predispose survivors to eating disorders. What these disorders are, and what can be done are also covered.
Prejudice Against Survivors
This article discusses the experiences of prejudice in the community and church that survivors of ritual abuse have undergone.
Developing Intrasystem Cooperation
This article discusses the process of developing cooperation within a ritual abuse survivor's systems.
This article by pastor Doug Riggs discusses working with the survivor of ritual abuse from a Christian perspective.
Maintaining External Safety
A survivor of ritual abuse shares her personal story of staying safe from cult contact, and what she has learned.
Near Death Experiences
This article describes programming done utilizing near death experiences. Trigger warning: if you are a survivor, do not read without your therapist present or in a safe place.
A Call for Articles
This is an open letter asking for articles from those who have insight, experience, or interest in ritual abuse and mind control, and healing from them.
The Source of Real Healing
Trigger warning: this contains a strong Christian message. Here is a discussion of the true source of healing, according to the author.
Magic Surgery and the Formation of the Inner World
This article discusses programming and the creation of internal worlds in the survivor from the perspective of a Christian therapist who has worked with many survivors.
Overcoming Denial
Denial can be one of the greatest barriers to healing for the survivor. Here is a discussion of different types of denial, and why they occur.
mK ULTRA/Assassin Programming
This article discusses assassin programming as done by the Illuminati. Trigger warning: involves graphic detail in discussion.
Reprogramming the Mind: a Book Review
**Trigger warning: this article contains strongly Christian content*** This article discusses the book "Search for Significance" and the role it has played in my life in undoing the lies the cult taught me.
Ritual Holidays
With Easter coming up, many survivors struggle with this holiday. I have included a calendar of the major holidays of the year that both survivors and support people can refer to.
Forensic Considerations in Ritual Trauma Cases (Part 3)
This article by an attorney discusses the finding that occur during forensic investigations of ritual abuse cases. This is part three in a series to publish the article in its entirety.
Forensic Considerations in Ritual Trauma Cases (Part 2)
This article discusses ritual abuse and the findings that occur during forensic investigations of ritual trauma cases. It is written by an attorney with experience in this area.
Forensic Considerations in Ritual Trauma Cases
This article written by an attorney addresses the legal issues, as well as the findings that surround ritual abuse cases in our country. It includes an outstanding description of the effects of ritual trauma on young children.
How to Support a Survivor
This article discusses how support people can help a survivor of ritual abuse.
Finding A Safe House
This article discusses finding a safe house for the survivor of ritual abuse, including precautions the survivor needs to take.
Can Recovered Memories Be Trusted?
This article discusses recovered memories, and the debate surrounding them.
An Interview With Jeannie Riseman
Jeannie Riseman, editor of "Survivorship" and creator of the Ritual Abuse Homepage, shares her thoughts on ritual abuse and healing.
Surviving Torture
Article describes the documented effects of torture on survivors, and addressing this issue as it relates to ritual abuse. **Trigger warning; mentions severe abuse
An interview with Brice Taylor (part one of two)
Article is part one of an interview with survivor Brice Taylor, who shares her insights on ritual abuse and mind control, as well as encouragement to survivors
Who and What is the Illuminati?
Interview with svali done by editor of Centrex news site on the Illuminati: who and what they are.
The search for a good therapist
Discusses how the survivor can look for a therapist, using a phone interview and questions.
Book Review: Cover Up Of The Century
Review of the book "Cover Up Of the Century: Satanic Ritual Crime & World Conspiracy" by Daniel Ryder.
Dealing with holidays
Describes ideas on how survivors can deal with holidays and anniversary dates.
Trauma Bonding : The Pull to the Perpetrator
Discusses the concept of trauma bonding in cult abuse, with the role of trauma bonding in pulling survivors back to their abusers. Trigger note: discusses cult abuse, programming, and trauma: please do not read if these trigger you unless you are with your therapist or a safe person.
Should I Confront My Abuser(s)?
discusses some aspects of the complex issue of confronting perpetrators from the perspective of a survivor.
Spiritual Warfare: A Healing Journey
Describes spiritual healing from ritual abuse from a strongly Christian perspective
On Having Need
Guest article on the struggles survivors of ritual abuse have in learning to trust and to feel that they deserve to exist and have needs.
Complex polyfragmentation: a coping mechanism for the survivor
Describes the way that a complex polyfragmented dissociative system might appear from the viewpoint of a survivor who has experienced it.
Therapists Speak out on Healing
Article discusses topic of what helps in healing from ritual abuse, from the perspective of therapists in the field. *Important note: this article is not meant to be therapy, and only offers general opinions*
Therapists Speak Out on Ritual Abuse
Therapists discuss: is ritual abuse real? And some of their opinions on this subject.
Breaking Free of the Cult
An article that addresses issues facing the person who wishes to leave a transgenerational cult, including safety
How the Cult Programs People: Part Two
Second half of article on cult programming
How the Cult Programs People
Brief description of some of the ways the Illuminati program their members. Warning: may be triggering to survivors, please use caution and stay safe.
How the Cult Makes Money
Describes activities the cult is engaged in to make money
On Dissociation: Part Two
Continuation of article, discussing dissociation and some of its impact in the lives of survivors of ritual abuse.
Survivors Speak Out: on Dissociation: Part One
Discusses the experience of dissociation from the perspective of survivors of ritual abuse
Survivors Speak Out on Remembering: part two
Various survivors discuss the process of remembering ritual abuse.
Survivors Speak Out on Remembering: part one
Survivors of ritual abuse speak out on the process of remembering
Why the cult doesn't get caught
A description of security measures used to prevent detection by a cult group, how they maintain secrecy.
Cults that abuse
Discussion of cults that abuse, based on Singer's model of conditions for thought reform.
Ritual abuse: Modern hysteria or ancient practice?
Discusses ritual abuse in a historical context, starting with the Ancient Assyrians, until modern times.
Ritual abuse: the under-recognized problem
A series of articles that describe the reality of ritual abuse, cult groups, and the effects on survivors as well as perspectives of breaking free of cult abuse.