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We specialize in sterling silver jewelry, and hand made jewelry that carries metaphysical and symbolic meaning.  Find the necklace, bracelet or earrings you've always searched for. You'll love our sterling silver necklaces and silver earrings!

We also create exotic and fantasy costume and fashion jewelry.  Many of our Egyptian jewelry pieces are a favorite of belly dancers and Egyptophiles alike.  As a jewelry manufacturer, of course we specialize in Mandarava hand made New Age  jewelry, which, among other things, includes our beautiful and unique Chakra Energy gemstone pendants.  We manufacture a large line of Celtic jewelry, earrings and necklaces--many are not available anywhere else.  We also create hand made gemstone jewelry, and particularly enjoy creating hand made jewelry with Swarovski crystals mixed with gemstones.  Our Fantasy Jewelry lines include dragon pendants, fairy necklaces, unicorns and Pegasus pendants.  Our Goth Jewelry line includes scary silver clad skulls, bats, spiders and more. Our Spiritual Jewelry lines include hand made goddess jewelry, Hindu and Buddhist motif jewelry, inspirational and recovery jewelry AND MORE!
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Angel Statues Animal Statues Fairy Statues Mermaid Statues Dragon Statues Knight Statues Gothic Statues Skulls Asian Celtic Christian Egyptian Statues Art Nouveau Home Decor

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Celtic Jewelry and Celtic Home Decor and Gifts - Incredible Celtic and Green Man themed home decor, statues, house wares and jewelry - a most unusual and complete collection.

One of our most popular shops are our Dragon Gift Shop and our Knight Statue Shop. Our  Dragon Gift Shop features, Dragon Gifts, Dragon Jewelry, dragon home decor and dragon t-shirts.  Our incredibly beautiful dragon figurines are sure to please the most discriminating dragon enthusiast.

 Ancient Egyptian Jewelry ,   Ancient Egyptian Museum Replica statues, Egyptian house wares  and - From the ancient columned halls of Karnak, Armana and Luxor and the Valley of the Kings, we've selected the world's most beautiful Ancient Egyptian museum replica statues, Egyptian figurines and Egyptian jewelry motifs, as well as Ancient Egyptian motif house wares and decor.  And again, our Egyptian replica statues are so authentic, they are offered at museum stores throughout the world.

Skulls, Skeletons, Day of the Dead, and Grim Reapers statues and gifts - Our immensely popular Skull Jewelry and Crystal Skull statues lead the pack, followed by the incredibly endearing Grim Reaper products and humorous skull busts and skeleton statues.

Our T-Shirt Shop has re-opened featuring adult-size and child-size t-shirts, ladies tank-dresses and teen's tank tops.  Don't miss our scary new Skullbone T-shirts!  We also offer cat t-shirts, fairy t-shirts, wolf t-shirts, tiger t-shirts, dragon t-shirts and other motifs including butterflies, monkeys, lions, cheetahs (all the big cats!), buffalos, eagles and more t-shirts than you could ever wear!

Medieval Knight Statues, Knights Templars and Gothic Knights, and Gothic Gargoyles.  Our huge collections of dragons gifts, dragon jewelry,  medieval and gothic knights, and gothic gargoyles are sure to please the most enthusiastic dragon and knight collectors.  Our knight and Templar Knight statues are museum replica quality--and many are sold in museums throughout the world. And that's just the beginning . . .