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Noesis is a limited area search engine for open access, 

academic philosophy on the Internet.

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What Happened to Hippias?

In January, 2000, Peter Suber, editor of Hippias: Limited Area Search of Philosophy on the Internet, and Anthony Beavers, creator of Hippias and Noesis: Philosophical Research Online, announced the merger of Hippias and Noesis. After several years, the merger is now complete. The rationale for rolling the two projects into one should be clear. Both projects were dedicated to philosophy online, though each used a different approach, and both were being developed and administrated by the same people.

Hippias built its search index by "crawling" a set of associate sites and all the pages to which they linked. Noesis 2.0 was database driven, searching only individual items catalogued in its central database. Noesis 4.0 uses a combination of these strategies, a single associate site (its own web index) to determine its search space and a database of directories that filters content coming from Google. Our hope is that this new approach will offer a more powerful option than either of the earlier two, while at the same time minimizing the cost and time of maintenance.

To learn more about how Noesis 4.0 works in contrast to these earlier approaches, see the project's About page. Additional information on the history of these projects is also available.


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