31 Days of Game Series

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Below is a list of all the entries from the 31 Days of Game series.

Day 1: Eye Contact

Day 2: Two strikes rule

Day 3: Approach groups of women alone

Day 4: Don’t get tunnel vision. Remember the whole group

Day 5: Always aim to talk less than your target

Day 6: Your woman can never, ever, truly be your best friend or closest confidante

Day 7: On a primal level, a woman would rather share a high status man with others than have a beta or omega male all to herself

Day 8: Tell, don’t ask

Day 9: If the woman you desire offers you something, graciously accept it

Day 10: Aim for charisma: not charm

Day 11: Do not talk ex-boyfriends

Day 12: Don’t overcompensate and become an abusive bully, tyrant or a robot

Day 13: You already have a mother

Day 14: Avoid the Interest-Only Upgrade (I.O.U.)

Day 15: With women, there is almost no such thing as an accidental, meaningless touch

Day 16: Emotional rollercoaster

Day 17: Apologize for your actions, not your thoughts

Day 18: Don’t use self-deprecating humor except on rare occasions

Day 19: Talk to your fucking friends

Day 20:Sexual vs. Horny

Day 21: Never cower

Day 22: Have platonic, attractive female friends

Day 23: The emasculation paradox

Day 24: Work on your character

Day 25: No one person can complete or fix you

Day 26:  Read these links

Day 27:Don’t dance ironically

Day 28: Everything is a test

Day 29: Front vs. clout

Day 30: 3 games to avoid

Day 31: Everyone plays themselves sometime

One Response to “31 Days of Game Series”

  1. Hi T. I’ve enjoyed this series but I was particularly interested in #7 because of the idea that offering a woman exclusivity right away, rather than showing social value, is not the way to attract her. This interests me because I see women doing the same thing, usually to their detriment. Some women, when they meet a guy they like, instantly go into full-scale domestic mode and will for example bake him a cake for their second date. Or instantly start cooking for him every night, cleaning his apartment, or doing his laundry. When girls start acting like that after two or three dates to show what good wives they would be most guys get bored or feel trapped and move on. Or, worse, they just take advantage until they meet someone they really like. The fact is that pressing for a commitment (or sort of pretending that you are totally committed) after two or three dates, when you as of yet barely know someone, is a sign of neediness whether you’re a guy or a girl. People with full lives, interests, careers, and friends are not looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend to give them a life and thus don’t become so relieved when someone shows a hint of interest that they instantly make their new flame the center of their lives. That’s why I think your advice of building a life you like (though status itself is less important for women than men) is good advice for both sexes.

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