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November 05, 2007


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The producers better pay up!


This is such a load of shit. These people are making more money than most of us doing a fun job and yet they still bitch and moan meaning all of us lose out on our favourite programs.


Mikki, is it?

Well, consider this: the studios are getting a lot richer off the backs of these people than they would like to admit. They're not even willing to discuss a fair portion of royalties with the writers. How selfish of you to think only of your entertainment time lost. How would you like it if your company made billions of dollars a month and paid a pittance to you for a function only YOU could do, and which was absolutely necessary to keep things running?

And if you think being a writer is just a "fun job" try it. I'd be willing to bet you'd fail miserably, because it takes a very special person to put things together in the way our favorite shows' writers do.


Zomg X 15 extract
I just would like to watch lost so i can see the series of lost today. can the producers give the writers the moneys so the writers can do some writing an then they will get paid an then the actors of lost can get filmed by the camera man by the director and then it can get sent to the programme dudes then they put it on the air ( which just means on the telly for us mortal beings) for us to watch. PEace out sex wags

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