BCC: New Album Track Listing Revealed

mdome / News, Top Posts / 23/03/2011 15:15pm
BCC: New Album Track Listing Revealed

Black Country Communion have a title and track listing  for their new album.

It’s to be titled 2, and released in on June 13 by Mascot Records. This was produced by Kevin Shirley. The full track listing is:

  1. The Outsider
    2. Man In The Middle
    3. I Can See Your Spirit
    4. The Battle For Hadrian’s Wall
    5. Save Me
    6. Cold
    7. Smokestack Woman
    8. Faithless
    9. An Ordinary Son
    10. Little Secret
    11. Crossfire
    12. Crawl

The band will be appearing at the High Voltage Festival in July.

Find out more at http://www.bccommunion.com/


Krabby Patty

Corr, they have put some effort into that! Take it easy guys, don’t burn yourselves out! :-)

Den Dennis

What a stunningly original title!


Put a lot of thought into it, much?
lets hope the music can improve the title considering, the first record was awesome.

albert tatlock

Looks like they have been to the same album naming classes as Chickenfoot – does this mean that this is going to be half as good as IV by Chickenfoot!??!!?!?

They probably wanted to call it 4 but Chickenfoot got there first.

Black Country Communion 2
Chickenfoot 4
Alice Cooper Welcome 2 My Nightmare.
Thee original album name seems to have become an endangered species. For just £2 a month you can help to end their suffering. These albums dont want to be given names, they just want the ability to be able to name themselves etc….

Mississippi Sheik

Why not call it ” Finished ” and get it over with !


If it’s half as good as their last album it’ll be excellent. I look forward to seeing them live in July too.

Bluesman Bob

No one complained about led zep’s first 2 albums!
or van halen!


Thats just lame

paul roof rack

I have a prophecy it’s gonna be called 2
– only ever heard that song on planet rock they never bothered playing any others rest of album can’t have been that good.. no doubt second album may go same way.. original band original thought wow ha ha

Nick O'Leary

Difficult to think of an album title when you have to spend time counting cash from your over-priced gigs!


I don’t care what it’s called, just gimme it now!


Still not as brilliant as the first 4 solo albums by the great Peter Gabriel – all titled Peter Gabriel. When asked “why” I heard he answered “I have always liked that name”.

David Elmore

Don’t care how good the album is, still don’t like their chances of being better than Thunder at High Voltage lol

Steve H

Nothing wrong with Queen II, Led Zeppelin II, Van Halen II…

Though they might want to stop with the album numbering soon, otherwise they’ll end up like Chicago!

Michael J.

Weak……….just like their first album/cd….

hope better than first one cos it was not gd

Who gives a TOSS about what it’s called! It just matters that it’s GREAT. Like Joe Walsh so eloquently stated….YOU BOUGHT IT…YOU NAME IT!!!!

The Goalie

A song called “Smokestack Woman” – Nuff’ said! Am wettin’ maself!!!

It will be class!! YYEEHHAA!!!!

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