It should be noted that his early work embarrasses Chris. As with everybody, you learn as you go. Often your early work is your artistic worst, and it's no different here. After spending his younger years sculpting, drawing, and painting, Chris wanted to work in film. He deliberately sought out video work, and what follows are the pre-Come to Daddy results. Chris would rather you skip this page.

If you scroll frame by frame through Chris' Directors Label DVD menu or trailer (they're identical), you can see frames from Space Junkie, Another Day, Personally, Jesus Coming In for the Kill, and tranquillizer. The Next Big Thing, Something to Say, and No More Talk are not mentioned in it at all.

Dubstar··No More Talk··6 June 1997
Dubstar fan site has Chris' No More Talk video online (72.5MB).

geneva··tranquillizer··May 1997
Well, um.. This video features the band geneva set in a grimy, basement-like setting, fluorescent lights and yellow-green. The song is saccharin Britpop, long before Keane infiltrated the world. Which makes the video kind of odd, or perhaps very English. It's a triumphant, affirming song, the frequent lyric being "Let us be happy while we're still young." Yet the visuals -- stepping in water, dirt, broken stuff; some gravity-defying shots; and the band -- are a bit sullied.

An old Quicktime copy of the video is included, at least in America, with their 1997 album further.

Life's Addiction··Jesus Coming In for the Kill··19 February 1997
Life's Addiction was a short lived trip hop-esque duo with Alison David singing on all tracks. The song starts with a car crash and some heavy, Darth Vader-type breathing, so the video starts with Alison David breathing with an oxygen mask. If you have ever wondered what on earth the weird looking still from this video on Chris' DVD booklet is about, wonder no more... it's Alison with an oxygen mask.

The whole video is shot in a dark hallway with metal walls. Alison is singing angrily in the foreground and the guy from the duo is in the background banging the metal walls with a hammer to the metallic beat of the song. The whole video is all focused on Alison, the guy just keeps on banging the walls in the background. At some point the beat of the song ends and the hammer gets stuck in the wall. The video ends with a long sequence where Alison is first all wet and then water starts falling upwards until she is dry - this takes about 70 seconds.

Jocasta··Something To Say··1997
Jocasta were a short-lived band who only released one album on Sony called No Confidence. Chris' video, which has been spotted on YouTube, features the band and bespectacled lead singer playing on an unused runway, much as U2 did in "Beautiful Day." The narrative is of a woman who traps the lead singer in an airstream trailer, which she apparently tosses into the tornadic winds that erupt around the band.

12 Rounds··Personally··1996
You don't get much simpler than Personally, Chris' video for 12 Rounds. While his other early work had, yes, the band playing, there was at least a simple twist.. some lights, maybe a little story. Here it's all performance and photography. The song is dark and loungey, so the band plays in a dark, lounge setting. The video is mostly close-up shots of the band, their instruments, and singer Claudie Sarne in a wedding dress.

You can see this video at here at

Lodestar··Another Day··1996
Their only album: Lodestar
"Lodestar were signed to Ultimate Records for the duration of their short existence, before splitting up in 1997." (Wikipedia) The rapcore band was made of members of Senser. Another Day was apparently shown at the Titanic International Film Festival in Budapest, 1999; Enzimi, Rome, 2002; Invideo, Milan, 2001.

Holy Barbarians··Space Junkie··1996
Ian Astbury, formerly of the Cult, fronts the Holy Barbarians. In Space Junkie, he fronts the camera too, getting all up in here.

The only interest for Cunningham folks in this tepid performance video is those halos. The band plays with their heads disappearing into a low ceiling; lighted halos encircle their heads and feet. The only thing I'll remember are those guy's sideburns.

See this video here. N.B. The quality of the video will range from low to high depending on your connection.

Jesus Jones··The Next Big Thing

Placebo··36 Degrees

Auteurs··Light Aircraft on Fire

Auteurs··Back with the Killer Again