Software Discussion Etiquette

As I read discussions about software, I find that there are quite a few people that don’t understand the proper way to act, which results discussions turning into heated, personal arguments. To help potentially lower the damage done in these discussions, I’m making this Rolling Release post about software discussion etiquette as the spiritual successor to Allan McRae’s blog post, “How To File A Bug Report“. In Allan’s post, he lists several things to keep in mind that also apply here. While I don’t claim to be an expert on etiquette, I know from first-hand experience that developers and designers want users to be as pleasant and simple as possible to work with, and by following these general guidelines (at least), you can help your favorite software project by not being a jerk ;) . Continue reading Software Discussion Etiquette

GNOME 3 Has Arrived! Impressions?

GNOME 3, the latest version of one of the most popular Linux Desktop Environments, was released last month and subsequently put in [testing]. It has been well over a week since it was moved out of [testing] and into [extra], so a good amount of GNOME users have probably tried it by now. Users . . . → Read More

Last Week in Arch, March 15-21, 2011

What went on in the world of your favorite Linux distro last week:

Latest News

wicd split in ‘wicd’ and ‘wicd-gtk’ – announcing a split of the wicd package in the official repository, so you don’t have to use the wicd-nogtk from AUR

Hot Forum Topics

How to find file duplicates only matching size, . . . → Read More

Last Week in Arch Linux - March 7-14, 2011

Latest News

syslinux now includes a default configuration file

Hot Forum Topics

Linux Survey – fill out a survey, get some data In search of a truly innovative Desktop – interesting discussion on what makes a good desktop flash isn’t working anymore – long discussion about broken Flash. Stupid Flash. [Solved] Gnome 2.32 “About . . . → Read More

Last Week in Arch Linux - March 1-8, 2011

Latest News

ArchServer RC3 – Release announcement for ArchServer redgum RC3 New Arch Schwag – New Arch Linux laptop bags, plus reduced price on older models and a sale on Arch Linux pens

Hot Forum Topics

Linux Survey – fill out a survey, get some data In search of a truly innovative Desktop – . . . → Read More

Rolling Release – Now with mobile browser support!

The Rolling Release Team is proud to announce that our site is now viewable from your favorite mobile device! Now we know that technically it always has been possible, but those who have tried can attest to the difficulty this can present. With this latest update, users now have the ability to browse Rolling . . . → Read More

Last Week in Arch Linux - Feb. 21-28, 2011

Latest News

Contributers Wanted : Cool list of job openings for Arch Linux. Give it a gander!

Hot Forum Topics

rc.sysinit screwed after pacman -Syu : Tracking down an update problem The Archer: a simple-ish wallpaper : nice simple Arch wallpaper Powered By Arch Linux – Wallpapers : more Arch wallpapers Arch MicroATX Case . . . → Read More

ArchServer Release Announcement - redgum RC3

We, the ArchServer Team, are proud to announce the Release Candidate 3 (RC3) of the ArchServer ‘redgum‘ release.

This release provides the following features:

Latest Longterm-support (LTS) kernel; Update to the latest pacman version (3.4.2) Use DHCP or Static IP (fallback) during Installation (for remote installation) Dual Architecture ISO Images Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) packages (e.g. . . . → Read More

Last Week in Arch

Some interesting happenings in the world. An extension of my previous “Wiki Updates” posting.

Latest News

MySQL 5.5 is now in [extra] (2011-02-07)

Hot Forum Topics

MySQL upgrade issue Xfce shutdown and reboot disabled with startxfce4 conky configs and screenshots!

Interesting Packages

Yapan – Yet Another Package mAnager Notifier (Forum Thread) bin32-e-uae – . . . → Read More

Alienware conducting a survey about linux systems

Alienware is conducting a survey about the possibility to sell their system with Linux preinstalled and you can help!! . . . → Read More