New Laptop bags

The line of laptop bags has been revised. Older models have been reduced in price, and several new models have been added to the lineup.

Welcome to Arch Linux Schwag. If you are interested in purchasing custom Arch Linux apparel, mugs, stickers, shoes, or magnets, please visit the Arch Schwag Shop hosted by Zazzle. A portion of each sale made on zazzle goes to supporting Arch Linux development.

This page was created to fill a void in the Zazzle offerings. We have had several custom Arch Linux novelty items created and are distributing them for your enjoyment. A portion of profits from these sales go towards supporting Arch Linux development.

Please note: Many of these products are created on demand or in short supply and can take a while to ship. Expect delays of two to three weeks before products ship, and an additional one to two weeks for delivery time.

Available Products

Arch Linux Laptop Stickers "Powered by Arch Linux" laptop stickers
Arch Linux Pen Blue and gold pens featuring Arch Linux
Arch Linux Pendant/Pin Silver pendant or pin featuring the Arch Linux logo.
Arch Linux Ring Beautiful silver ring featuring the Arch Linux logo.
Arch Linux Wood Coaster Hand-made wooden coasters in the shape of the Arch Logo.
Arch Linux Caragana Keychain Hand-made wooden keychains.
Arch Linux Soapstone Sculpture Hand-made soapstone decorative sculptures or paperweights.
Arch Linux Caragana Sculpture Hand-made wooden decorative sculptures.
Arch Linux Ogio Kirby Backpack Backpack with laptop sleeve
Arch Linux District Threads Montezuma Convertible Convertible backpack/messenger bag
Arch Linux Ogio Bounty Hunter Backpack Rugged Backpack with large laptop sleeve
Arch Linux Ogio Mastermind Backpack Rugged outdoors backpack
Arch Linux Ogio Rolling Bag Rolling Carry-on luggage
Arch Linux Ogio Jack Pack Messenger Stylish Messenger Bag
Arch Linux Ogio Hiphop Messenger Functional Messenger Bag
Arch Linux Port Authority Rapidpass Briefcase Checkpoint friendly briefcase with laptop sleeve
Arch Linux Ogio Brain Bucket Mini Laptop Bag Vertical Messenger Bag
Arch Linux Ogio Explorer Messenger Checkpoint-friendly Dual Strap Messenger Bag
Arch Linux Ogio VP Messenger Bag Deluxe Messenger Bag
Arch Linux Ogio Roamer Pack Checkpoint-friendly backpack
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