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25 Billion Pieces of Spam

April 8, 2011 by Pete

We reached a big milestone today: Akismet caught its 25 billionth piece of spam. We’re now detecting spam at a rate of around 40 million comments a day.

We’d love to do even more. If you know of a blog, forum or social network that needs some help filtering spam, please let them know we’re here to help!

To celebrate the milestone, we’ve built a minisite with a guide to some of the different kinds of spam we filter. Check it out here: 25 billion minisite.

And, of course, we have some stats! We’ve dug through the 25 billion spams (well, some of the more recent ones) and found the following:

  • Spammers are busiest on Friday at 20:00 GMT.
  • Spammers are least active on Sundays at 14:00 GMT. (Do spammers go to church?!)
  • A blog comment is 8% more likely to be spam on a Saturday morning than it is on a Tuesday evening.

And the winner is…
So what, you’ll be asking, was the 25 billionth spam? Here it is, a little bit of not-so-innocent flattery:

The lucky recipient was Harrisonburg’s Community News Network site hburgnews.com, to which we’re pleased to give a free lifetime subscription to Akismet!

6 Responses to 25 Billion Pieces of Spam

  1. indobrad says:

    Yeay, congratulations :D

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  5. Elliott says:


    Well done for catching all those spam comments, my blog would have been buried under spam comments at times…

    So thanks for all the help.

    Here’s to the next 25 billion.


  6. Matt Weber says:

    It’s amazing how much spam is out there. Your product saves me a lot of time, thanks for making it.