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Ogun Ferraille is a website dedicated to the work of the Italian artist Hugo Pratt (1927-1995), in particular his graphic novels about the sailor and adventurer Corto Maltese.

Arsenale, Venice, 2001

June 2003: Update of "Bibliography" page.

Newsflash - Viggo Mortensen to star as Corto Maltese in British-Canadian TV series
CINE por la red, 04-10-2002: Director David Carreras is preparing to start the filming of a TV series based on Ballad of the Salt Sea. Much of the preproduction work is finished, and filming is scheduled to start in 2003. Of particular interest (though the details are as of yet unconfirmed) is the cast, which includes well-known actors such as Viggo Mortensen (Corto), Guillaume Depardieu (Rasputin), Ben Kingsley (The Monk) and Eric Cantona (Taki Jap). As most will know, Viggo Mortensen played the role of Aragorn in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy.
David Carreras and his team are planning to produce 3 miniseries, each consisting of two 30-minute episodes. The budget for each series is 13 million dollars.

February 2003: I am proud to be able to present “version 3.0” of this website. The layout was completely redesigned by Nicholas Wennerberg, who also redid the html-coding. As for the content, there is still some proofreading and editing to be done, and for the time being, there are few pictures and a lot of text. There are some interesting images up already, though. The pages are back on the old server, and will probably remain there, even though the URL is rather counter-intuitive. I hope you will appreciate the new look, and don't forget to check for updates now and then. Feedback is always appreciated -- if you’d like to drop me line, click here.

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