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State Dinner Menu for Britain’s Queen Paid for With Irish Taxpayer’s Money Whilst Poverty Striken Irish Citizens Get AUSTERITY!

Neil Foster – The Sovereign Independent -

I make no apology for my disgust of this creature who has been invited, to soil the soil of Ireland by her presence, by a traitorous and corrupt political elite so that she may lord it over her Irish peasantry who she believes she owns. And by the way RTE…. Get it right… this witch is only the ‘queen’ of ENGLAND, if even that!

Take a look at the menu for these parasites to stick their eugenicist snouts in at the expense of the beleaguered Irish taxpayer who has been given Draconian austerity measures to impoverish them further.

It really does make me feel sick to the stomach to watch this despotic family walk the streets of Dublin, and with contempt endemic in her family history for the people of Ireland, dare lay wreaths of poppies to ‘commemorate’ Irish Freedom Fighters, who died fighting her family’s depotism, whilst her own gullible military are losing their lives protecting the same opium trade which built her family’s evil British empire.

What is wrong with people that they haven’t turned out in their tens of thousands to express utter comtempt for this display of maximum arrogance and affrontery to the memory of those killed in the massacre of Croake Park, again by this despot’s family.

I believe in forgiveness if the perpetrators are truely sorry for their actions but if anyone seriously thinks that these inbred tyrants are sorry for any of their past evils and those they are still perpetrating to this day, then get on your knees slaves and worship royalty whilst they rape you of everything you or your family has ever accumulated with their criminal banking cartels to assist.

What is wrong with people when they actually believe that these parasitical murderers are better people than they are because they’ve pillaged ever nation on the planet?

Wake up people… These psychopaths want you dead and part of their armoury included is the poisoned and nutrient deficient GM crud they let us buy on every supermarket shelf in the country whilst they gorge themselves, along with the political puppet minions, on the best of the best. Read the menu and dream of having even a morsel of this stuff for your family dinner.

Because guess what? YOU’RE PAYING FOR IT ALL!

Doesn’t that make you utterly sick?

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3 Comments for “State Dinner Menu for Britain’s Queen Paid for With Irish Taxpayer’s Money Whilst Poverty Striken Irish Citizens Get AUSTERITY!”

  1. Pathocracy Paddy

    The British historian Charles Kingsley, who accompanied the Queen on her gracious and glorious visit, wrote:

    “I am daunted by the human chimpanzees I saw along that 100 miles of horrible country. I don’t believe they are our fault. I believe that there are not only many more of them than of old, but that they are happier, better and more comfortably fed and lodged under our rule than they ever were. But to see white chimpanzees is dreadful; if they were black, one would not feel it so much.”

    Irishmen and Irishwomen!
    Read this site and weep. Weep for the agonies and deaths of your people at the hands of genocidists. The authorities who imposed the curriculum, the teachers and professors who funneled it into you, have carefully kept you uninformed as to which British regiment, or that any regiment, murdered your people. Until now, that information was kept from you. You had no access to it. You do now – you read it on your computer screen! Commit the regiment’s name to memory.

  2. Sean

    The Irish sheeple. Thats all they are. Baaaaaaaaaa

  3. Schmu

    I could cry when I see how young people have forgotten what happened.
    There is not even a first sign of protest.
    The young seem to care as much as their external appearance (75% wear track suits and consume all the stupid anglo-american crap) about their culturel background.
    How could you allow this to happen.
    And I hear the government try to tell you this would be good for irish tourism???
    I am german and recently went back home and had to justify why something like this happens without people running up against the crooked governments’ plans to have her over here.
    This is a big loss of credibility of the Irish in Europe.
    For the love of god, the English were and are sucking you dry and now I see some monkeys wanting to take pictures of them with the queen.
    We kicked the Sachsen-Coburg and Gotha family and the whole aristocratic oppressing crap out of Germany because they were hindering the young Weimar Republic where they could.
    The scam that stayed in Germany later cooperating with Hitler to try and maintain their influence.
    Bueehhh just dirt.
    And now in 2011 I got to see this.
    Man this is a sad day for Cork and Ireland and the democracy.
    I am shocked.
    Seems like we moving back in time.
    God save us.

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