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Name : PeopleOnPage


PeopleOnPage collects browsing habits and system information and sends it back to ContextPlus servers.

Targeted pop-up advertisements are displayed while browsing the Web. PeopleOnPage, or POP!, is marketed as match-making software.

Additional Details

PeopleOnPage has created two software applications. One is called ContextPlus and the other is POP!, or PeopleOnPage. In order for POP! to function, ContextPlus is required.

POP! is match-making software with features to meet and chat with other POP! users. Users are matched with the help of their browsing habits. POP! is installed as a browser toolbar for Internet Explorer. To open the matching service, a side bar opens in the browser. POP! requires an e-mail address to register and use the match-making service.

ContextPlus gathers an extensive amount of information from the user's computer. The application tracks which software is installed, what web sites are visited, and the user's browsing behavior. Each installation is given a unique ID, which is sent to the ContextPlus server to request a pop-up advertisement.