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    Space Shuttle: Endeavour
    Primary Payload: Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer and ELC-3
    Launched: May 16
    Launch Time: 8:56 a.m. EDT
    Launch Pad: 39A
    Landing: June 1
    Landing Time: 2:32 a.m. EDT
    Landing Site: Kennedy Space Center, Fla.
    Mission Duration: 16 days
    Inclination/Altitude: 51.6 degrees/122 nautical miles

    Endeavour launches on the STS-134 mission Image above: Space shuttle Endeavour soars into space on its STS-134 mission to the International Space Station. Photo credit: NASA/Jim Grossmann › Larger Image

    Endeavour and its crew will deliver the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer-2 (AMS) and critical supplies to the space station, including two communications antennas, a high-pressure gas tank and additional parts for the Dextre robot.

    Mission: STS-135
    Space Shuttle: Atlantis
    Primary Payload: Raffaello Multi-purpose Logistics Module
    Launched: July 8 (Targeted for)
    Launch Time: ~11:40 a.m. EDT
    Launch Pad: 39A
    Landing Site: Kennedy Space Center, Fla.
    Mission Duration: 12 days
    Inclination/Altitude: 51.6 degrees/122 nautical miles

    Atlantis lowered onto MLP Image above: In the Vehicle Assembly Building shuttle Atlantis is lowered onto the mobile launcher platform where it will be joined with its external fuel tank and solid rocket boosters. Photo credit: NASA/Troy Cryder
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    The STS-135 crew is Commanded by Chris Ferguson and includes Pilot Doug Hurley and Mission Specialists Rex Walheim and Sandy Magnus.

    Atlantis will carry the Raffaello multipurpose logistics module to deliver supplies, logistics and spare parts to the International Space Station. The mission also will fly a system to investigate the potential for robotically refueling existing spacecraft and return a failed ammonia pump module to help NASA better understand the failure mechanism and improve pump designs for future systems.

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