Ti, Shaak

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    1.78 meters (not counting horns)
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    Jedi order

From the Movies

The Jedi Council consisted of 12 wise and powerful Jedi Masters who convened within the towering Jedi Temple on Coruscant to contemplate matters of the Force and dispatch Knights to scattered crises across the galaxy. The faces on the Council would change to meet the increasing needs of the Republic. During the events precipitating the start of the Clone Wars, Jedi Master Shaak Ti sat on the Council. She was an exotic alien female with colorful patterning decorating her flexible lekku. Shaak Ti was one of the 200 Jedi that traveled to Geonosis on a mission to rescue captives from the growing Separatist forces. She was regarded as one of the most cunning warriors in the Jedi order.

Shaak Ti continued to serve on the Jedi Council throughout the Clone Wars. She was in the Jedi Temple the night that Darth Vader descended upon the sanctuary with a phalanx of clone troopers. The temple was gutted with laser fire as agents of the newly proclaimed Emperor brought the "treasonous" Jedi to justice. Shaak Ti was believed to be killed in the onslaught.

From the Expanded Universe

Shaak Ti was a Togruta, a humanoid species from the planet Shili. To protect themselves from the dangerous predators of their homeworld, the Togruta would band together in dense tribes and rely on their disruptive natural pigmentation patterns to confuse the slow-witted beasts. Shaak Ti was a notable exception to the communal-minded Togruta in that she preferred to operate alone. Nonetheless, her heritage was evident in the accuracy and agility she demonstrated when moving and fighting in bustling crowds. Aiding in her perception of her surroundings are hollow spaces in her montrals that gathered information ultrasonically.

Shaak Ti trained two Padawans in her career as a Jedi Master, but sadly saw both of them fall victim to criminal killers shortly after their passing of the Jedi trials. For years, she secretly kept in her heart the pain of losing Fe Sun, one her students, to the Zeltron murderer Lyshaa, though her Jedi demeanor of detachment hid these emotions.

During the Clone Wars, Shaak Ti was made a General in the Grand Army of the Republic. She was assigned to the inner sanctums of Tipoca City when the Separatists staged a bold attack on the cloning facilities of Kamino. She coordinated the surface defense of Kamino with Prime Minister Lama Su, approving the activation of the elite ARC troopers during the assault. Shaak Ti was also on Hypori when the Republic first faced General Grievous. She held her own against Grievous for a respectable stint, but was ultimately overpowered by the cyborg killer. She barely escaped that encounter alive.

General Ti also led a detachment of clone troopers at Brentaal IV. There, she came face to face with Lyshaa, her Padawan's killer, who escaped incarceration in the confusion of the Clone Wars. Ti tried to use Lyshaa's Zeltron persuasion abilties to convince Confederacy commander Shogar Tok to stand down peacefully, but Lyshaa betrayed and shot Ti.

Ti's Jedi powers kept the wounds from being fatal, and she was forced to kill the Separatist commander. Demonstrating the strength of her Jedi resolve, she chose to spare Lyshaa for the betrayal. Lyshaa, disbelieving of Shaak Ti's integrity, attempted to flee, only to be killed by an automated laser trap.

Supreme Chancellor Palpatine himself officially commended Shaak Ti for her efforts and notable actions on Dagu, Geonosis and Centares. He grew to trust Shaak Ti and her abilities, keeping her as part of his inner circle of protectors during the increasing dangers of the Clone Wars.

When the Separatists stabbed at the heart of the Republic with a daring attack on the Jedi Temple, Shaak Ti led the defense of Palpatine alongside Jedi Masters Roron Corobb and Foul Moudama. Both Roron and Moudama fell to General Grievous' attack, and Shaak Ti was bound and rendered helpless as Grievous escaped with the Chancellor as his prisoner.

Behind the Scenes

The conceptual illustrations of Shaak Ti by artists Dermot Power and Iain McCaig included her rubicund complexion as well as her intricately patterned and layered brocade. In Episode II, Shaak Ti was played by Orli Shoshan.

Shaak Ti's fate vacillated during the production of Episode III. She was originally scripted as being held captive aboard General Grievous' flagship at the start of the movie. Assigned to protect the Chancellor, Shaak Ti was also taken prisoner by the Separatists forces. When Obi-Wan and Anakin are investigating the cruiser, they come across a strangely despondent Shaak Ti sitting at General Grievous' feet. Her spirit broken, Shaak Ti apologizes for her failure, right before she is stabbed in the back and killed by Grievous.

When this sequence was cut from the edit of Episode III, Shaak Ti's life was spared. She can still be seen in Episode III, as a tiny tabletop hologram on Kashyyyk, when Yoda is remote-conferencing with the Jedi Temple.

During additional photography of Episode III in Shepperton Studios, a scene of Anakin Skywalker killing Shaak Ti was photographed for the sequence of events taking place in the besieged Jedi Temple. This version of events was the basis for how the attack on the Jedi played out in the novelization, which has Shaak Ti in charge of defending the Temple. This scene, too, was cut from the movie.

Although her earlier death at Grievous' hands was completed and included on the DVD as a deleted scene, it should not be considered the canon version of her fate. This is because she is still visible later on in the movie as part of the Kashyyyk hologram. The deleted scene on the DVD, "General Grievous Slaughters a Jedi," should instead be considered an interesting look at what might have been.

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