Grant’s 2 Minute…No..10 Minute Noodles

So I’ve been told that there is apparently NO ART IN COOKING TWO MINUTE NOODLES. I somewhat disagree. I’ve also been told that Mi Goreng is now way cooler than the good ol’ Maggi noodles due to the innovation of suppling abillion and different flavours in one packet. Well you’re clearly all wrong. I am currently writing my awesome cooking secrets with no sleep for the past 24+ hours…and was even motivated to cook myself the “10 Minute Noodles” because they’re JUST THAT GOOD. If you’re looking for a low fat version of 2 Minute Noodles, turn back now.

What do you need?

  • A Stove and Pot. Microwaves just aren’t gonna cut it.
  • Water!
  • Dull Flavoured Maggi 2 Minute Noodles. Chicken or Oriental work best. Chicken & Corn and Beef, not so much. I couldn’t find the awesome Cheese flavour that they used to sell. It seems they culled a lot of them :(
  • Margarine or Butter.
  • Half of a Kabana (that sausage in a red skin).

OK, we’re good to go.

  1. Use your fist to lightly pound the packet of noodles…so they become broken up inside the packet (and not a giant block of noodles). Try not to pop a hole in the packet.
  2. Cut open the packet and put the noodles into the pot. All of it, crumbs included.
  3. Fill the pot with water so that the noodles are just floating in the pot, no more, no less.
  4. Start up your stove, start cookin’ (on the highest heat possible). Add the flavour packets and stir so that all the noodles are covered with the flavvvourrrrrr.
  5. Keep stirin’.
  6. Stir some more till the water starts to boil then stop stirring.
  7. Check the softness of the noodles by poking them with a fork. Your noodles are done cooking when they’re pretty soft and the water has boiled and left a filmy patch of flavour bubbles in the middle of the pot.
  8. Stir it once more to spread the flavour and stop cookin’ em.
  9. Now, drain the water…WITHOUT a strainer. Carefully pour the water out without losing the noodles down the sink. The goal is to keep as many as possible in the pot. If you wish, you can make a game out of it to entertain yourself. You’re done pouring when there’s just enough water left in the pot so that the noodles will slither out into a bowl without having to scrape them out with a spoon…but make sure you don’t turn it into a noodle soup.
  10. Slither those noodles out into a bowl and scrape out any leftovers (leftovers are the best!)
  11. Now, grab a knife and put some Margarine into the bowl. About the same amount as you’d use on a single slice of bread. Two slices if you feel like pigging out or fat.
  12. Stir the Margarine so that it melts completely and touches all the noodles.
  13. Cut up that half o’ Kabana into thin slices and place them under the noodles (so it warms up!)
  14. Eat and enjoy.
  15. Clean up later, etc.

Trust me, they’re purely amazing.