May 10 2011 10:25 PM ET

When Fox attacks: Network cancels 'Human Target,' 'Chicago Code,' 'Lie to Me,' more


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UPDATED: Fringe got off easy. Fox is brutally clear-cutting under-performing shows from its lineup, cancelling three four five series tonight in order to make room for new shows next fall: Human Target was shot down for a third season, Christian Slater is now 0 for 3 as a TV series lead because Breaking In was dumped, The Chicago Code and Lie to Me were just taken out and Traffic Light was switched off. The moves represent an aggressive stance by Fox, which is declining to  sink any further investment in modestly performing titles and opting to gamble on fresh shows instead.

Human Target was finally axed after undergoing a trip back to the drawing board. Though the show was considerably revamped for this season, the actioner struggled to gain ground in the ratings. Target averaged 7.6 million viewers and a 2.2 rating in adults 18-49 this season, including DVR use, but was down from its first season average of 2.9. Lie to Me is also gone — it averaged exactly the same as Target, and dropped the same amount from last season.

Fox also pink-slipped Breaking In, the freshman comedy about a security team that starred Slater. The show averaged a healthy 2.9 in the ratings due to a strong premiere, but more recent episodes fell off considerably despite following American Idol.

Fellow post-Idol freshman straggler Traffic Light is also gone — no surprise there.

And bummer for Jennifer Beals: Her freshman cop drama The Chicago Code was also cancelled. Creator Shawn Ryan retweeted the news and wrote: “Dammit.”

The cancellations came at the same time as Fox handed out series orders to Bones spin-off The Finder and to J.J. Abrams’ new prison mystery drama Alcatraz, while declining to pick up several high-profile other pilots. The network also greenlit two new comedies starring Zooey Deschanel and Jaime Pressly. Follow me on Twitter @james_hibberd.

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  • Victoria

    I hope FOX brings “Lie to me” back! I love that show so much!!!

    • Lex


      • Human Target was so much better than Lie to Me

        Lie To Me is terrible it belongs on CBS or something where old & stupid people can watch it.

      • Lee

        Definitely bring lie to me back!

      • dan

        well if you can read it states in the title that it got canceled

      • Roger

        Clearly “stupid” people can also post on this site, as evidenced by your comment… and yes, I am old.

      • tom

        fox is getting smart

      • Picadillo News

        Yes, Human Target sooo much better, cause gosh! how I hate it when they make me think.

      • Soon to outnumber you

        Or in Lie to Me’s case: make me watch.


        The first season alone was worth watching – the revamped second season was garbage – they dropped the interesting storyline and buildup of the “old man” and brought us Ilsa Pucci who had to have everything expalined to her – I liked it when everything was low key and the romance was a joke. The show deserved to be cancelled in its current form

      • @ dan

        The original article was updated but the early comments reflect when Lie to Me was yet to be canceled.

      • ew-bot

        Booo! Bummed about Lie to Me.

    • Jeremy w.

      Long live Lightman! Long live Lightman!

      • joblo

        TRAFFIC LIGHT was hilarious! Under-appreciated and under-valued. The kind of show that could’ve really blossemed in time had it been given a chance. They better not cancel BETTER WITH YOU now on ABC or I’ll be really mad.

      • Ian

        Not surprised about Traffic Light, but am pretty bummed. I actually liked that show a lot. It had a good cast and was pretty funny! Shame!

      • katie

        Whoever canceled Traffic Light is a huge Bonebag.

      • Charlie

        Fringe is great and so was Human Target. Whats anyones problem with them?

      • Dan

        This show was the funniest on tv right now. I was just recommending it to my brother and sister-in-law. Incredible chemistry with the cast. How could this not have clicked? Oh, America…

      • PMW

        I love Traffic Light…reminds me of a lot of conversations I have had and how boys/girls – men/women think and do…it was great and I wish they would have given it a shot…lots of room to grow there.

    • TOM

      based on the numbers above….why is 30 rock still always renewed….nothing against it….just makes no sense….give a show a month atleast jeez!

      • Summer

        30 Rock is on NBC.

        These shows are on Fox.

        Different networks.

      • Dave

        Because 30 Rock performs well enough for NBC. Plus, it brings in a lot of prestige and awards.

      • FOX stinks

        and doesn’t give anything a chance
        they dumped sarah connor chronicles against MNF and then Friday nights; not a good way to try to get a show going again after the writer’s strike! Now wonder it had lots of DVR viewers with MNF and Fri night.

      • AK

        More like: why is “Fringe” renewed?

      • Jerri

        yes. why was Fringe renewed? ratings are falling on a weekly basis

      • Q

        NBC has three hours to fill every night. Fox only has two, minus the hours swallowed up by American Idol when it’s running. They don’t have space for this sort of steady but barely profitable show.

      • Bette

        FRINGE is quality TV, plus the Fox execs love it. Yippee !

      • Zoe

        Given these cancellations, though, Fringe got awfully lucky.

      • Sabre

        From the same network that marketed Firefly inappropriately and then cancelled it and the aforementioned Sarah Conner, its an obvious history for FOX that they don’t wait for audience development which has worked for so many shows in the past. So many successes built their audiences over a couple seasons.

    • karen Helsel

      Bad acting though…often good story lines, but boring actors. Some seem to be reading a script! Chicago Code was great though…

      • chacha

        I really like Chi. Code. Hate to see it axed. It wasn’t the typical procedural, which was why I liked it and probably why the Idolators didn’t.

      • JAM

        Can someone just cancel FOX and put them out of our misery?!

      • Gus

        Chi Code – should be put on f/x- it would be way cooler than it already is.

    • Roger

      I really enjoy Lie to Me, Human Target and The Good Guys. I really can’t believe Fox is going to cancel these… and The Chicago Code… really?

      • Sara

        Me too! (Has Good Guys officially been canceled, though? It’s not mentioned in the article but I know it was on shaky ground.)

      • Monster

        Blue Blood is much better than the chicago code.

      • JAM

        none of those shows had enough singing and dancing for FOX to entertain keeping them. F Idol

      • JAM

        4. Cancel American Idol
        3. and bring
        2. back
        1. HUMAN TARGET

      • Lil Jo

        Yes JAM… Cause the MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of ad dollars that Idol brings in should be shot down to bring back show that may dollar upon dollars of money.

        I’m not saying I like Idol or it should stay, but ya know they are running a business

      • LeeHung

        Human Target was good the first season – until they messed with it. Watched it once this season, the retooling did it no favors…….

      • Anonymous10

        I heard they cancelled The Good Guys a while now. I love Chicago Code and usually can’t wait to watch it. I also watch Human Target. I didn’t like Ilsa Pucci but I loved the show especially the lead and Chi McBride. I loved Lie to Me. I can’t believe this. And they’re going to bring new shows for us to start to love, then they’re going to ax? Well I have enough TV to watch so I won’t be watching the new ones.

      • Mary

        Fox cancelled Human Target?? My DVR just cancelled FOX!

      • just saying

        Sara, welcome to 2011. Good guys was cancelled a LOOOONG time ago.

    • RM

      It’s official now. “Lie To Me” is officially cancelled. Not surprising— Its ratings were lower than “Human Target”. So the only way it was staying was if it cost radically less to make than HT, and sorry, you don’t get top shelf actors like Tim Roth on the cheap.

      It’s a shame. It got a bit ludicrous in the 3rd season, but the first two were solid.

    • Roger Pedersen

      Lie to me is a grand show yeah..

    • FOX

      needs to bring back Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • KwadGuy

      There were three new FOX shows this year that I like:

      Lone Star
      Chicago Code
      Bob’s Burgers

      The two I liked the most (the first two) both got canceled.


      • just saying

        I’m pretty sure you are the only person in the entire country that enjoyed Bob’s Burgers. I don’t know who the geniuses are at fox who think this is a good show. I know noone who watches it. I would rather watch reruns of The Oblongs than Bob’s Burgers.

      • Lone Star

        Definitely agree with you on Lone Star. Two episodes – Two!! Screw you, FOX.

      • TODD

        Bob’s Burgers is great. It seems like the whole thing is ad libbed.

      • Peter

        Fri 05/13/11 5:24 PM

        Bob’s Burgers is great. It seems like the whole thing is ad libbed.”

        This right here is the dumbest comment in the history of this site. An ad-libbed Cartoon? Seriously? There is nothing ad-libbed about any cartoon, it isn’t a movie or live action show & takes months to produce.

    • tomm

      Once a show is gone, never see it again, move on…

      • sadie

        re: family guy

      • NJ

        Add Futurama to that list as well, sadie.

      • Beaver Canoe

        and Twin Peaks

        and Taxi

    • Everyday American

      Lie to Me sucks. Typical that Fox would keep that steaming load around while cancelling Chicago Code. I guess like Brad Garrett, they must have Tim Roth under a big contract that justifies keeping a horrible show on the airwaves.

    • JAM

      SCREW FOX! These retards cancel anything that is actually good. Firefly for one. Hell they Cancelled Family Guy, twice. They Cancelled the Good Guys, first they removed it from FOX then alltogether cancelled it from FX. they need a friggin clue

    • jrs

      Meh. I didn’t watch any of them…none appealed to me, just based on commercials and the actors in them. But, please let this mean the last time Christian Slater will be cast in a tv show. UGH, enough!!!

      • just saying

        I actually really enjoyed him in Breaking In and love the support cast, especially the nerdy black guy.

    • Ran

      OMG, the Finder? What are they thinking; Human Target and Lie to Me are way better than the Finder. It doesn’t seem like Fox ever, ever learns. Ever.

      • Anonymous10

        Yeh, I bet the Finder is going to the The Lost or Loser within 3 episodes. I saw it on Bones and while I like Duncan Clarke and the lead guy, I couldn’t handle Sasha Burrows. She was good in Boston Legal although I didn’t like her in Criminal Intent. But she was using a strong Irish accent or something and I couldn’t take how she was talking (not that I don’t like an Irish accent), but hers was sounding strange after hearing her speak without it in all her other shows. I’m not going to invest my time in it and I’m sure many others won’t. It won’t be on for long so why can’t they keep the shows they’ve already got, which the fans love? I’m disgusted with this news.

      • just saying

        Seriously, The Finder is going to tank big time.

    • gibbyswife

      Lie to me was one of my favorite shows, why did they have to take it off, darn it.

      • grace

        i know right? I AM SO SAD NOW

    • Bob

      I believe they said it was CANCELED!

    • michelle

      why must the good shows always get cancelled?!?! i love lie to me! please don’t!

    • Charlie

      Whats wrong with them? They don’t give enough attention to most shows so no one watch them. And they wonder why they fail? Keep sucking Glee and American Idol.

    • Chrisat


    • Chrisat


      • Ela-Hara

        Don’t Worry!
        Since Human Target is now canceled, I have NOTHING to watch FOX for, except for NASCAR races….
        ALL Reality Show are CRAP and so overdone. The cartoon shows are mostly revolting to me and CRAP also!

    • laylagalise

      I’m so bummed they cancelled “Lie to Me”!!

    • Damion

      Um, what part of “cancelled” is unclear to you? Man, why do morons post online?

  • Jeremy

    Breaking In too? It was doing good in the ratings!

    • sherimoonzombie

      Damn, I LOVED Breaking In! And Chicago Code was really good too. Fox has just become the new ABC. Cretins pulling the plug too soon.

      • Anne

        Absolutely! I took the time to get vested in Chicago Code and now this…Traffic Light was really great too…can some cable channel pick these up again since Fox can’t even recognize good programming when they got it?

      • Everyday American

        Agreed. None of these upcoming shows even come close to grabbing my attention.

  • Gaby

    Wtf?! I thought Breaking In was doing good!!!

    Fox sucks!

    • TMB

      It sure seemed to be improving – really liked the Comic-Con episode last week.

      • jj

        Breaking In was hilarious! It was one of the few sitcoms where I had to keep rewinding my DVR to see things I’d missed cos I was laughing too hard to hear them the first time. They should move it to FX instead of cancelling it.

    • Carrie

      I was really enjoying “Breaking In” and I thought it was doing well, too. They didn’t even give it a chance. Christian Slater can’t seem to catch a break on TV.

      • PN

        Slater is more of a movie actor than a TV actor. I think some people want to see him do more movies and not get in any more ratings bombs on the TV end.

    • gafour

      LOVE “Breaking In” and Christian Slater’s character. Not your ordinary, laugh track, predictable show. Guess that’s why it didn’t make it!

      • jrs

        Here we go…”too smart for America” card

      • Psac

        It’s used often because it’s true.

      • OregonBlue

        My whole family was loving Breaking In….. probably the first sitcom I have actually searched out and watched in 10 years!

    • GS

      I’m ticked over this one! I loved it! This was a true funny comedy. Chicago Code was good too. My husband is ticked about Human Target. I guess Glee and Idol are all Fox cares about now.

      • gibbyswife

        I just can’t get into Glee but my grown son who I live with thinks it’s fabulous. Granted, they have great voices but what’s the story line?

      • Bob

        Hmmm…grown son that you live with thinks Glee is fabulous.

      • Sam

        LOL @ Bob.

      • Tim

        gibbyswife, maybe your son should come out of the closet.

        I have never heard of a straight man who watches and likes Glee. Most straight men watch it because their spouse likes it. Glee is one of the worst shows on tv. I hated Glee club kids in school, why the hell do I want to watch a show about them?

    • mkaffeine

      Really thought “Breaking In” would at least get one more season. Slater as Oz is hilarious and the supporting cast — especially Dutch and “Boom goes the dynamite” — were awesome.

      • Futurama

        Of course Breaking In got cancelled, they hired Ted McGinley as a guest star.

  • walkercount

    I hope this means good things for The Chicago Code. Fox needs to renew that ASAP!

    • Jen Jen

      The Chicago Code definitely needs to be renewed! Top quality show.

      • Mr. So & So

        TCC just got canceled..

      • Joe

        The Chicago Code was the first show in a long time that I actually looked forward to seeing each week.

      • Everyday American

        I guess if they had the same storyline week after week, like House, maybe it would be played out enough to keep around. But I suppose it had too much action and not enough of the same old thing.

      • Chris

        Great TV….First time I can think of that they’ve had a cop show based in CHICAGO!!!! “CHICAGO CODE”!!!! Fox – Bad Idea….Gee, maybe a CABLE STATION…like USA, TNT, FX ??? will pick it up!!! GREAT TV, bad move!!!! As well as BREAKINNG IN

      • TVGeek

        Um, have you forgotten “Hill Street Blues”??? Now *that* was a Chicago cop show…

    • Ames

      I hope the news of the cancellation was in time so The Chicago Code can wrap up the story arc. Then instead of a cancelled show, it would be more like a miniseries that lasted a whole season. I want to see alderman Gibbons in handcuffs!

      • Tara

        Me too…hope TCC gets picked up by FX or TNT

      • Bob

        Don’t you just love the instant gratification/make it happen now generation. It’s May. It’s the end of the season for shows. They probably wrapped shooting on the last (now series finale) episode a month ago.

    • Bob

      Chicago Code was canceled shortly after it started airing because the show’s creator left 20th Century Fox for Sony. That made it DOA to Fox.

  • Dana

    Breaking In’s ratings still haven’t finished dropping. Too bad, because I thought it was hilarious. Christian Slater’s character was awesome.

    • Summer

      Slater seems to have the WORST luck with tv series. I hope he finds something soon. He’s a good actor.

    • B

      I really liked this show!! It made me laugh out loud and Slater was great. I’m really disappointed to hear this.

  • Alex

    Breaking In was doing pretty well though! Oh well, don’t really care too much. Probably good news for The Chicago Code, and possibly good news for Lie To Me.

  • Jr

    Worst news I’ve heard all year. Human Target was a great show and close contender with Burn Notice. Fox sucks.

    • The Man

      Human Target was garbage.

      • Tarc

        Only if you have no taste.

      • Jerri

        The Man must be a Glee fan

    • Templar

      HT was great until they messed with the formula and brought in the Pucci character.

      • Gwen

        Even then, it was still a lot better than a lot of other dreck on television.

      • el

        I only started watching it after they brought in the girls, but it seemed like a show that was really close to great and not quite there. The main character and Rorschach need to pair up for another show, stat.

        Still sucks because at least it was something different then the kind of dreck CBS churns out.

      • TJ. Church

        HT was better this season than last, so it went backwards at the end of the seasons.

      • RB

        This was the news I was waiting for and fearing for Human Target. Silly though to expect anything better from FOX. I loved Human Target in the first season, thought it okay in the second season but not as good as the first. I was hoping they would learn from their mistakes and return more to the first season formula if they got a third season, but now that hope is gone. I don’t watch Fringe but I don’t begrudge any FOX show their renewal. Just beware that FOX will stab Fringe in the back next year, like they do all their shows except the reality garbage they shove down America’s collective throat.

      • John

        Yep, too much messing around with HT from it s first season — from slicing the amazing Bear McCreary score from the show to stuffing in extra unneeded characters — just a bunch of bad decisions. No wonder the ratings fell.

      • Lia

        Agreed. It was unwatchable after all the changes. There were many people that made this observation on fox website but, as usual, they don’t listen to us peons.

    • avenger

      I love Human Target, wtf I hate Fox. Human Target was such a great show, sooo much fun to watch. I feel really bad, I had high hopes that they’d renew it, Fox sucks A$$!!

  • Ryan

    FOX DOES SUCK. I thought Human Target was excellent TV. I even liked it in season 2 when others didn’t. I blame them making only 13 episodes and playing shuffleboard with the air dates.

    Stupid because in about a year House is going to end, Bones will be heading into Season 8 and the only hour long show on the network at this rate will be Glee.

    Lie to Me damn well better come back.

    • Jaded

      That is so true–they moved Human Target all over the place and never gave it a chance to gain a solid audience. It was a fantastic show! I’m also really sad about Lie to Me, even though I didn’t love this past season it’s still one of the best shows on tv! What a bunch of idiots running FOX!

      • Summer

        Fox really seems to hate its genre shows, I feel.

      • JAM

        The only genre FOX likes is singing and dancing buffoons

      • JAM

        Because it mimics their Executives perfectly

  • j

    I thought breaking in was doing fine

  • RodChester

    Kinda bummed about Human Target getting the axe. I didn’t love the show but it was a fun watch for sure.

    • Irishgirl

      Agreed! I just loved Chi McBride on that show. I do have to question Fox’s intelligence in canceling Human Target but airing that crappy Bones spin-off, The Finder. Bleh.

    • Sarah El

      I also agree. Not fantastic, but quite enjoyable.

  • Ryan

    On a side note I got to meet the 3 lead guys and the producers at Comic Con last summer. Really friendly, especially Chi McBride.

    I will be buying Season 2 on Day One of release (already have season 1) just to show Fox how stupid they were.

    • ger

      Yeah, that’ll show them.

    • Russ

      Yes, giving them money will certainly show those bastards!

      • Ryan

        My money will go to Warner Brothers. They produce the show and sell the DVDs. Fox can see its stupid because people would still watch it. I’m so sick of this network. They don’t know how to program a thing. They don’t know how to sit back and wait for something to blossom over a period of years. Nowadays people aren’t watching because they expect cancellation really quickly. When you program a show at random parts of the week a mere 13 times (and this year they doubled up Target episodes 2 or 3 times so it got done in like a month and a half) then can you be shocked when nobody tunes in?

    • JAM

      If you want to teach them a lesson download it for free using Bit Torrent and don’t give the bastards any money

  • Will

    Surprised about Breaking In though I wasn’t sure it would do well if Idol wasn’t before it.

  • Lonnie

    NOOOOOOOOO! I loved Human Target! I guess I will just stop watching Fox because every time they get a show I like they cancel it within 1 or 2 seasons

    • pie thrower

      Agreed Lonnie. How can they cancel Human Target. That show was the best. I’m going back to reading. Nothing gets cancelled in reading land. Shame on you FOX.

      • Ela-Hara

        Also, nothing can stop you from re-watching the show on DVD! Waiting for Amazon to start pre-orders for HT Season 2!

  • Michelle

    Dear FOX,
    I am officailly breaking up with you, over the years you have cancelled too many shows that showed promised but refuse to give them a solid chance.

    Moved to another network

    • @ Michelle

      Wouldn’t signing it “Former Fox viewer” make more sense?

    • Keith

      It’s not just FOX-every network does that.

    • Simon

      Ever since the whole Firefly debacle (my fav show ever btw) FOX has actually been pretty good about giving low rated shows some extra chances. At least better than the other networks have been. Fringe is going into a 4th season, Arrested Development got 3 seasons, Dollhouse got a 2nd season, Terminator got a full 22 episode 2nd season, etc.. Sure they’ve also cancelled some shows prematurely, but they don’t deserve the hate that fanboys have for them.

      • LP

        Agreed. +Why don’t viewers understand that you have to watch these shows “live” in order to keep them going? It’s all about advertising dollars, and if the companies pour thousands into ads, they want you to see what they are selling. And I don’t wanna hear the “outdated Nielsen system” line. That system is still a good indicator of total viewers where it counts.

      • PN

        Maybe these shows have niche audiences; people that loyal to that show but doesn’t follow the typical formulaic approach of a sitcom or drama the big networks like to keep every year.

      • RB

        Actually, watching these shows live does nothing for them unless you are one of the few with a Nelison Box. Those are the only live viewings that go on record. A small number of households also get booklets for one week every couple of years. Those responses get tallied also. If you don’t have a Neilson box, you are actually better off DVRing the show and getting counted that way, even if it is after the original air date by a day or two. Those get counted too, as I understand it.

      • Bob

        Fringe renewal was a quid pro quo for green-lighting J.J. Abrams’ Alcatraz. How happy would Abrams have been if they dumped Fringe and brought on Alcatraz.

      • Bob

        Oh, and they’ll dump Fringe in a heartbeat if Alcatraz doesn’t make it.

      • LP

        @RB Again, “I don’t wanna hear the ‘outdated Nielsen system’ line.” Advertisers don’t care about DVR cus we all fast-forward thru the commercials. AND Nielsen is STILL a solid indicator of how many people watch television as the show airs.

      • to Bob

        Wait, let’s see if I have your little conspiracy theory straight. FOX only renewed “Fringe” so they could get “Alcatraz” — which JJ was already preparing and, because it was being developed by FOX, actually COULD NOT have been given to another network this season (or possibly any other, given the myriad of contingency clauses in all the contracts)? JJ Abrams, as savvy a media producer as exists, wouldn’t want to get a new show on the air regardless of how the others are doing? FOX would bank a low-rated show so they could get a totally unknown property by the producer of the show that isn’t getting high ratings? Do you start to see how much sense you’re NOT making?

      • RB

        @LP I never said the Nielson system wasn’t an indicator (though I would contest how solid an indicator it is in this day and age of timeshifting and alternative methods of viewing) and whether the dvdr is valid or not (I think it is), it does get recognized and counted by the networks and goes into their viewership numbers upon which they decide to renew or cancel a show. Try checking out “TV By The Numbers” online and you will see the DVDR+7 numbers are used and of significance.

    • Cindy Owens

      Love it…HATE Fox…

    • Jane Baker

      That’s what they do. All the way back to ‘America’s Most Wanted”.

    • Tobi

      I am co-signing this break up! I actually watched every single show they just canceled! Basically, all fox has left for me is House, & it’s probably on it’s last leg(hee hee)

      Even Idol stinks now with that moronic judging panel! They have canceled my favs in the past, but this was the final blow for me!

  • Mike

    FOX renewed Fringe even though it probably should of been cancelled(I love the show, but the ratings are terrible). I’ll give them a pass for any shows they cancel this year.

    • Simon

      Finally someone who’s talking some sense. You can’t expect FOX to pick up every low rated show they have. They should get some credit for even picking up one.

    • Maddie

      Totally agree. FOX renewed “Fringe” when every other network would have probably canned it, so I can’t be upset with anything else they do with their schedule. I have my favorite show for another season, so I’m happy.

      • LOL

        Network TV is a disaster. Very little to care about. Most of the good stuff is on cable. The networks don’t even try anymore. Look at all the reality show crap currently on the schedules.

      • Dana

        @LOL Was that a totally unrelated addition to this thread, or did you mean to reply to the main post?

      • Keith

        Even cable networks cancel good shows like AMC cutting Rubicon and FX cutting Terriers.

      • Jane Baker

        LOL- Agreed. The crappiest episode of Mad Men is better then the best episode of anything on network TV. After “The Shield” broke out, cable really stepped up and now has better programming straight across the board.

      • Jane Baker

        Ha…I just realized the irony of what I just posted. “The Shield” was on FX, which is owned by Fox.

      • Kathy B

        Watching much more cable than network TV. And I really miss Terriers.

    • barbra

      I totally agree. FOX basically renewed one show based on quality alone (“Fringe”) and is otherwise being ruthless. My guess is that the network brass feel that they have a very solid development slate (though that preview of “The Finder” on “Bones” makes me wonder if it’s really as strong as they think, but that’s another question.) FOX has a lot of new shows they want to launch, and they’re trimming the deadweight. They only kept the show with the strongest cult following and quality.

      • cindy

        I don’t know what Fox is thinking. Why cancel these great shows. Human Target, Lie to Me, & Chicago Code are all excellent shows with great characters portrayed by great actors. We DON’T need more “reality shows. Give us good entertainment. These are 3 of my favorite, never-miss shows.

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