May 17 2011 12:01 AM ET

'90210' finale: Scoop on the shocking cliffhanger!


Last night’s 90210 finale ended with — what else? — a shocking twist, but what’s even more shocking are the changes coming to West Bev next season. (SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t seen the episode, do not read on!)

After a season of marijuana addictions (Ivy), Fatal Attraction-style cousins (Annie), and messy affairs (Navid, Silver, and Adrianna), season 3 of 90210 closed with Naomi’s shocking revelation to Max that she’s pregnant. For actress AnnaLynne McCord, who plays the spoiled Queen Bee, getting the season-clinching scene is something she’s used to. “Naomi’s always the last scene of the finale!” she says. “She’s always crying or there’s something traumatic and crazy happening to her.” But even knowing Naomi’s penchant for cliffhanger-making drama, McCord had no idea a baby was in the cards. “I’m like, ‘Really guys? Really? Pregnant? Didn’t we already do this? I’m going to kill you!’” she jokes. “I did not see that coming. I said, ‘I’m not wearing a big baby suit next year!’”

But what happens next year, once all of the show’s major characters move to college, is up for debate now that new showrunners Patti Carr and Lara Olsen now have been hired. One of the changes the cast does know about? Not all of them are coming back. “That’s something we’ve been told,” McCord says. Though she has gotten unofficial word that she’ll be back — what would 90210 be without Naomi Clark? — the fate of her co-stars is less certain. “I think their reasoning for thinking they might slim down the cast is because it might be too much going with having people in different places,” she says. “Obviously, we’re all like a family now. That’s the part that sucks. You’re wondering which one of your sisters or brothers might not be there.” A spokesperson for the show tells EW, “With the recent addition of showrunners Carr and Olsen on the show, it is still too early to determine storylines for next season.”

As for the seemingly safe McCord, the actress sounds conflicted about coming back for another season. “Honestly, after about three years on a show, you’re like, ‘Thank you very much for giving me a step up. Now can I go do movies?’” McCord explains. “We love our job and we love our fans especially, but you’re always ready for that moment when you can break free. I don’t know who’s going to be lucky, the ones who stay or go. We haven’t decided yet.” While McCord enjoys the stability of being a series regular, she does worry about missed opportunities. “Being on a show is awesome. You have guaranteed work, it’s wonderful and the money is great, but at the same time you miss out on projects. There have been several movies I couldn’t do, and I really loved the script and wanted to be a part of them, and it just didn’t happen because I was working on the show. There’s always the ying and yang of it. Am I gonna miss it when it’s gone or do I want to get out because I want to get in? I don’t think any of us have decided which way we prefer it. It’s kind of 50-50.”

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  • ax20

    personally hoping to get rid of annie and adriana. would be up for all new guys completely.

    • Debbie

      they really didn’t use Liam for anything this year either & him & Annie have NO chemistry.

      • Eric P

        I think Ivy will definetly be scrapped… Dixon has had nothing going on for a long time now…

  • Joe

    “‘Thank you very much for giving me a step up. Now can I go do movies?’”
    I hate to be a jerk but… who’s going to tell her that theres a 95% chance she’ll never ever be a movie star? And that there’s probably an 80% chance once this show ends that no one will ever hear from her again?
    I think she should embrace being a the show for as long as she can, because as soon as it ends she’ll be Mischa Barton 2.0

    • Jon

      Agreed. Stardom has gone to her head. Reality will kick in when she leaves the comfort of 90210. She’ll find out she’s just another Megan Fox.

    • jr

      haha for real….i’ll never understand why people who are regulars on a popular tv series (for the network its on it’s doing fine) complain about wanting to leave to do other things….YOU AREN’T CUT OUT FOR OTHER THINGS, STICK TO YOUR STEADY PAYCHECK CAUSE YOU’LL BE IN ONE OR TWO VERY TERRIBLE MOVIES & THEN FLAME OUT & THEN BEG TO MAKE A CAMEO ON 90210 AS A NEW CHARACTER’S HOUSEKEEPER

      • T

        I totally agree.. Sophia Bush had been in a lot of movies and still came in everytime OTH needs her and shes even back for hopefully a 9th season as a regular. Even people on the bubble shows like Chuck are willing to be part as a regular knowing their fate in on a hanging thread, even Zac Levi had to turn down a good movie to do Chuck, people like them knows that their is no security when your an actor, you have to take whatever you have at the moment because it can truly make you or break you. Clearly she is way over her head. She might end up like Chad Michael Murray,a nd at least Chad had the decency to stay for 6 years. Annalynn should be more than willing to stay because thats what made Hollywood notice her and probably after the show ends shes more than prepared acting wise. Shes no Steve Carell she should think about everything before opening her mouth. Thats just sad.

    • joblo

      Seriously. She’s become the epitome of a diva who thinks she’s something more than she really is. Her and her sister – just because the cameras follow you around doesn’t mean you’re the next Julia Roberts or Reese Witherspoon.

    • Jen E.

      Seriously! What a spoiled brat who doesn’t know how lucky she is. She’ll find out in about ten years when she’s washed out of the bottom of the porn industry. How’s that for “movies”?

      • Jen E.

        And if I may, “…but at the same time you miss out on projects”. SMG, despite being the time-intense filming of Buffy, managed to find time to do a movie every year for SEVEN YEARS. I think McCord has missed out on those projects for an entirely different reason, most likely talent.

      • lanam

        i love mccord, but SMG is a much better actress than she ever will be, and SMG was the star of the show but she took it one day at a time..McCord needs to take a step back and take good long look at herself and realize that she’s got it good right now.

      • Jennifer

        SMG did movies in the breaks between seasons, just like AnnaLynne is doing. SMG couldn’t just jet off in the middle of Buffy and make a movie – and she made some horrendous movies in the breaks. So really comparing SMGs downward spiral of a career to AL’s (who only mentioned she’s missing out on movies that don’t film when she’s free) is ridiculous. She’s not saying she’ll never do TV again – or that she doesn’t want to – but she wants to grow as an actress and seeing as it’s her career, what’s wrong with that?

    • Mariko

      I don’t think it’s diva-ish for her to just be honest. She’s specifically saying that she’s very grateful for her opportunity, and she clearly loves her character, but that she will be find with moving on. It doesn’t mean she’s a brat. To me, it sounds like a lot of my grad student friends- they are passionate about their field of study, but they are simply sick of being in school and ready for the next step.

    • Jennifer

      Where exactly are you getting these statistics? Unless you’ve collected the data yourself, I’d keep quite for fear of looking like a fool.

  • deedeedragons

    Oh please get rid of Adriana & Ivy.

    • Nicole

      Seriously – I can’t be the only person who was yelling ‘JUMP ALREADY’ at the screen last night. And by the way, WHAT was up with the crazy telenovela soap feel to Adrianna’s scenes (with dead kid who’s name I’ve forgotten) last night? I was cracking up. I fully expect coverage of this plot on The Soup this week. Jaysus, that was terrible.

  • ggny

    well see yah Dixion it was fun watching you be backround fodder most of the time

    • JBK

      Yes. If the writers can only write token black guys into scripts, then let them die a horrible horrible death. God, I would hate to be known for writing token black guy characters.

      • corey

        JBK that was very racist. U talk about token black guy wat about the token gay character teddy. He is white. If anything he should go. He went from being in a love triangle wit ad and navid, to seducing silver (whom have slept with every1 but Liam) to all of a sudden being gay. Come on, the only storyline left for teddy is if he tries to adopt a kid. Dixon has many possible storylines

  • Ella

    I love Teddy character but I will watch whatever show Trevor Donovan is on.

  • My son is also named Bort

    Surely they won’t be stupid enough to get rid of Teddy, oh wait this is The CW.

  • Lola

    Get rid of Ivy and Dixon.

    • Maria

      Dixon better be back, I love him! Raj and Ivy can go surf in Australia

      • JBK

        What do you love about Dixon? Is it the way he waddles in the background? He has absolutely no storyline. They write him in such a way that he steps on no toes. He’s the token black guy. They give him a few scenes where he dates a white girl, but they do that with all the black guys in almost every series.

  • George

    It would be interesting if the program did a total ensemble change like Skins does every two series.

  • ThereasonsY

    Please new show runners I have never heard of… please pull a one tree hill and get us out of college. It will also explain why everyone is back (or not if you cut them).

    • ES

      True. And they’ll actually look more like their age as well. One can only hope.

  • Michael

    i think they should just end it. college is a mess, they is really no reason for them all to have any contact with each other really.

    • Zoe

      That’s the difference between this show and the original. The original spent 3 years building up friendships between the main cast. Most of the main kids had specific relationships with everyone else, which tied them together. Those relationships don’t exist on this show. Seriously–can you imagine most of these people hanging out with each other after H.S.?

      • AB

        Completely agree Zoe. There is no chemistry with this cast, no reason to keep them together after high school. In the original the Walsh house and the Peach Pit were almost characters in themselves as a lot of the story line revolved around the locations. There is not central location in the new one, no place that pulls them all together.

  • Buffyjunkie

    Liam and Annie are such bores. I prefered Liam when he was a badass and Annie when she was a loner and mixed up in the Jasper situation. So I would be more than ok with seeing them both go. I would like to continue with Ivy and Raj’s storyline next season, possibly dealing with his deteriorating health. Loved the development of Teddy and his coming out this year so hope he stays on. And most importantly, I have to say that I hope Max will become a series regular. The Naomi/Max relationship seemed like it would just be for a few episodes but I think they have developed into the most interesting storyline/couple. I’d like to see them in it for the long run.

  • Sina

    Please get rid of Ivy. I have no idea why they even made mumble mouth a cast member. What is her point. I can never understand what she’s saying. I want to say they can get rid of Silver. I hate that wh0re. How she gonna sleep with her best friend’s boyfriend yet somehow Silver is the victim? She deserved everything her holier-than-thou behind had coming. At least her judgmental sister took years to sleep with every man in the crew. Silver did it in less than 3 years. I loved Annie when she was with Jasper. They were so cute and deranged together. They had so much chemistry. Liam and Annie are cute but Liam isn’t Liam when he’s with her. Liked him when he was destroying boats. They need to go back to the core characters.

  • RayT

    Was anyone else really, really disappointed when Adrianna didn’t jump off the cliff at the end? Who wants a cliffhanger when you can have a cliffJUMPING?! I definitely wanted her to listen to Javier’s ghost and take the plunge. As for my vote on who should get a pink slip next season, I’d be happy to see any of the anorexics (aka the entire female cast) go.

    • Mel

      Haha this is so funny i really wanted her to jump off the cliff!! That would have been the best cliffhanger (literally?)- Naomi getting pregnant is just to cliche for a cliffhanger.

    • Molly

      I thought it’d be interesting for her to decide not to jump and then fall. I hate hate hate Adrianna.

      • Nicole

        Yes, I totally thought she’d fall after deciding not to jump. She’s just a totally unlikeable character – when she’s not trying to mess with people’s medication she’s crying about why nobody understands why she has to mess with people’s medication. Go away. Also, I mentioned this above, but her scenes with Javier were LAUGHABLY bad. I was literally cracking up. I still can’t get over it.

      • corey

        Yea I thought she was goin have a change of heart and turn around and have her heel break or sumtin. That woulda made gooooooddd tv lol

  • JhennRhaiyne

    I actually like most of the cast…they all have their flaws, but apparently it’s still good enough for us to keep watching. As long as there is another season – I’m good. Less cheesyness would be nice-but still a like-able show.

  • Anthony

    Having just watched the episode, I think we can definately say goodbye to Dixon, probably Annie and Liam. Max will probably get bumped up to a regular. That leaves us with Teddy, not going to college (I think), Silver and Naomi will end up at CU, Navid’s got his business, Adrianna will end up in Sheets and Things, trying to rebuild her life, and Raj and Ivy will continue to mill around, dealing with Raj’s impending death….

    • Eric P

      Whos Max??

    • ST

      I doubt they’ll bump Max up to a regular. Just b/c Naomi is “pregnant” doesn’t mean he has to be in the picture. He and Naomi were okay together but really, she needs someone more her speed. Plus, I’m not convinced she’s really preggers. She might have just said that to get him to stay.

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