Office of Degree Authorization

Unaccredited colleges


Degrees from these unaccredited colleges are approved by ODA for use in Oregon.
Note this: ODA approval does not mean that the degrees will be accepted by licensing agencies or employers. Degrees from closed or merged schools that were accredited by a U.S. Dept. of Education-recognized accreditor at the time the degree was earned are legal for use as credentials in Oregon.

Unaccredited Schools that offer degrees approved for use in Oregon

IICC World Link Graduate CenterOregon 
Kilns CollegeOregon 
Maitripa CollegeOregon 
North Portland Bible CollegeOregon 
Pacific Bible CollegeOregon 
Pacific Evangelical School of MinistryOregon 
Process Work InstituteOregon 
Professional School of PsychologyCalifornia 
Shekinah Bible CollegeOregon 
Southern California University for Professional StudiesCaliforniaPsychology PhD only
Trinity College of Graduate StudiesCalifornia 
Universitas 21 GlobalSingaporeIndividual degree evaluation required for use in Oregon

*NOTE: The University for Humanistic Studies had two main campuses in California. Redding closed 3/31/1997, Solana Beach closed in May 1999. Degrees issued through those dates are valid in Oregon.

See also list of religious exempt colleges in Oregon.

If you do not live or work in Oregon, check with higher education licensing authorities in your state regarding the legality of degrees. States adjacent to Oregon appear below.

State or Country Website or Contact information
State of Texas
State of Hawaii For list of schools taken to court by State of Hawaii:
State of California:
State of Washington:
State of Idaho: Contact Harv Lyter, 208-332-1587,
State of Nevada: Contact David Perlman at:
State of Michigan:
State of Maine:
Australia: For a 24 hour, 7 day a week higher education credential verification system (degreeoftruth Australia),
click on the following link:
Great Britain:
Council for Higher Education Accreditation
Degree use laws in the United States - May, 2010
Degree Use Law Map
Red states have broad laws prohibiting or restricting the use of unaccredited degrees.
Yellow states have narrow or more limited protections for genuine degrees.
States with Poor college approval  Laws States where the operation of poor quality unaccredited degree suppliers is easy because of state laws that are poor, poorly enforced, or obscure are shown in orange. Other states’ laws vary from excellent to so-so.

ODA provides this information as a general guideline for Oregon employers and potential students who may be considering or evaluating degrees issued in these states.
Potential problems with degree suppliers located in these states

State Potential problems with degree suppliers
California New law not yet enforced. All unaccredited degrees assumed invalid unless evaluated.
Colorado Poor screening of problem schools.
Delaware No effective enforcement. All unaccredited degrees assumed invalid unless evaluated. Many fake colleges registered as corporations. See list of genuine colleges at:
Idaho Recent improvement in enforcement, but degree mills remain in state.
Florida Limited enforcement.
Hawaii Weak law, partly offset by excellent enforcement.
Mississippi State law has limited effect. See the State of Mississippi for a list of unapproved entities. Recent improvement.

Use of unaccredited degrees in Oregon

In many jobs and professions, degrees from unaccredited suppliers are not acceptable, because a degree from an accredited school is required. Oregon law (ORS 348.609) defines accreditation to include only those accreditors recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Most public employment, professional licensure, teaching, admission into a graduate school and degree use in other areas requires a degree from an accredited school. Any employer may impose such a requirement on job applicants or employees if a degree is required for employment. The State of Oregon requires accredited degrees for state employment. A list of accredited schools is maintained by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

To determine whether a degree from an accredited school is required for employment or licensure, check directly with the responsible entity.

In addition, an individual using an unaccredited degree, even if the employer allows use of such degrees, must disclose on resumes, letterheads, business cards, announcements and advertisements that "(Name of school) does not have accreditation recognized by the United States Department of Education and has not been approved by the Office of Degree Authorization." ORS 348.609(2)(a). The only exception is for schools approved by ODA. See ORS 348.609(d) and OAR 583-050-0014.

It is a Class B Misdemeanor under the Oregon Criminal Code to use a degree in violation of ORS 348.609.

U. S. Degree Suppliers

The use of unaccredited degrees issued by suppliers in the United States is governed by ORS 348.609(1) and (2)(a). Some degrees cannot be used at all and some can be used only with a disclaimer. U.S. suppliers, and suppliers who operate in multiple countries but appear to be based in the U.S., have no letter code in the "Type" column in the following list.

Foreign Degree Suppliers

The use of degrees issued outside the United States is governed by ORS 348.609(1)(a), which requires that such degrees come from schools with the foreign equivalent of U.S. accreditation. Suppliers that appear to be based outside the U.S., though possibly also operating in the U.S., have a code of "F" in the "Type" column below.

List of Suppliers

The following list of unaccredited degree suppliers is maintained by ODA for the protection of the citizens of Oregon and their post-secondary schools by identifying those degree suppliers that do not meet the requirements of ORS 348.609(1). This is not a comprehensive list and new suppliers emerge every day, many of which remain unknown to ODA. The list contains degree suppliers that may not now exist, may never have existed, exist only as unregulated businesses, operate under exemptions in state laws or operate with state approval outside Oregon.

Users of degrees from these suppliers may contact ODA with any questions about the legal status of such degrees for use as credentials in Oregon. ODA cannot give legal advice but can provide information about how a degree is treated, why it is treated that way and steps that a user can take to obtain a formal evaluation from ODA or another evaluator.

Employers, potential students, potential clients and others doing business with users of these degrees should take appropriate steps to determine the true nature of the credentials listed here in order to ensure that degrees are genuine and are being used legally.

For general information about the operations of unaccredited schools investigated by the U.S. Senate and other entities, see the following links:

Schools that are not Authorized to Offer Degrees in the State of Oregon

Al-Ishraq UniversitySaudi ArabiaLacks authority to issue degrees 
Acad�mie Europ�ene d'InformatisationBelgiumSee World Information Distributed UniversityF
Academy for Contemporary ResearchUnknown  
Academy of Healing ArtsUnknown  
Academy of Natural TherapiesHawaii, CA, WY, MTClosed by court order in Hawaii. Relocated to CA, then to either WY or MT. 
Academy of Religious & Spiritual StudiesUnknown  
Adam Smith UniversityLiberia, Saipan F
Adams and Washington University, King College of Professional StudiesEngland F
Addison State UniversityOttawa, CanadaThis is not a state entity and has no Ontario authorization to issue degrees.F
Advanced Education TrustUnknown  
Advanced Learning NetworkVermontDoes not have Vermont authority to grant degrees. Appears to be a conduit for converting nonacademic work to academic credits. 
African Distributed University (AIDP)possibly NigeriaUnrecognized. Connected to the World Information Distributed University. 
Akamai UniversityHawaii  
Al Qasim UniversityPakistan F
Al-Hurra UniversitySweden, Netherlands, Michigan, Rhode Island, othersLacks degree-granting authority. Sometimes spelled Alhuraa. 
Al-Shurook UniversitySaudi ArabiaLacks authority to issue degrees. 
Alberdeen UniversityNew Mexico"Not a licensed school in New Mexico" - New Mexico Department of Higher Education. Degrees therefore invalid in Oregon. Sometimes uses spelling "Aberdeen." 
Albert UniversityDelaware  
Alexandria UniversityUS online (Nevada), not Egyptian  
All Saints American UniversityLiberia F
All-American UniversityNevada  
Allen Maxwell UniversityWyoming etc.  
Almeda College (University)Florida, IdahoClosed by legal action in Florida but may still be operating there. Operating illegally in Idaho. Degree mill. Also uses name Almeda International University. 
Ambai UniversityMassachusettsHas no degree-granting authority in Massachusetts. 
Ambassador University CorporationUnknown  
American Androgogy UniversityHawaii, Bolivia  
American Capital UniversityLiberia F
American Central UniversityWyoming  
American City UniversityWyoming  
American Coastline UniversityHawaii, California, New York, Russia  
American Columbus UniversityCalifornia  
American Global International UniversityFlorida  
American Global UniversityWyoming  
American Global University School of MedicineOhioOperating without appropriate approval in Ohio. 
American Independent International UniversityUnknown  
American International UniversitymultipleFraudulent, carries false certification reading "ADA - State of Oregon USA." Any degree bearing this certification is fraudulent. It is unclear whether this is the same American International University that operates out of California and Lebanon. Its degrees are also invalid in Oregon. 
American International University of Management and TechnologyHawaiiClosed by court order. 
American Liberty UniversityAlabama, CaliforniaAlso operates in England, Greece, S. Korea, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, and United Arab Emirates, according to the entity's web site. 
American Pacific UniversityVietnam, AsiaOperates in Vietnam and other Asian sites. Claim of offer of Central Washington University credits, faculty and programs in Vietnam is false, according to State of Washington. 
American PacWest International UniversityHawaiiState of Hawaii has filed suit to close this entity. 
American Scandinavian AcademySweden; Texas; on server in Arizona, IP address in NetherlandsClaims to be registered in the State of Texas. Most of the email addresses and cell phone number are Swedish. The American Scandinavian Academy is not a recognized Swedish institution.E
American State UniversityHawaiiRelocated to Wyoming as Hamilton University. Relocated to the Caribbean as Richardson University. 
American University for HumanitiesMississippi, Colorado, Lebanon etc.New name for American University of Hawaii, which was closed by court order. Operations claiming accreditation from AALE in Lebanon do NOT meet Oregon legal requirements and degrees are not valid here. Degrees issued from Delaware are not valid in Oregon. For State of Mississippi information: 
American University of AsturiasSpainClosed by Spanish government.F
American University of AthensGreeceClaim of Delaware authority invalid since 2005. Claim of ACICS accreditation invalid since 2005. 
American University of HawaiiMississippi. Formerly Hawaii. Also India, Lebanon, Republic of Georgia and elsewhereFor State of Mississippi information: Operates from California and Delaware. Changed its name spring 2006 to American University for Humanities. 
American University of LondonSaudi ArabiaLacks authority to issue degrees in Saudi Arabia.F
American University of LondonSt. Kitts/Nevis, UK, Sri Lanka F
American University of Mayonic Science & TechnologyColoradoLacks authority to issue degrees. 
American World UniversityMississippi, CaliforniaFor State of Mississippi information: 
Americana UniversityLiberia F
Americus UniversityWashington DC  
Ameritech UniversityMonrovia F
Amorsolo FoundationCaliforniaAlso uses name California University or CUFCE. Has no legal authority to issue college degrees or transcripts. 
Amstead UniversityUS  
Anacrusis InstituteGreece, UKGreece does not recognize private degree suppliers. Related to American U of London.F
Anderson UniversityCalifornia  
Anglo American UniversityHawaiiClosed by court order. 
Arabic Open UniversityDenmark  
Aristotle UniversityCaliforniaCollege of Law 
Armstrong UniversityCaliforniaModern degrees issued by this entity are not accredited. Older degrees may be accredited. Contact the Western Association and ACICS for information about the entity's accreditation history and the nature of its practices. 
Ashbourne UniversityGreat BritainUnrecognized by British education authorities 
Ashburry UniversityMississippi  
Ashford UniversityGreat BritainThe British entity has no degree-granting authority. NOTE: The Franciscan University of Iowa recently changed its name to Ashford University. This U.S. college is accredited by the North Central Association and is not a diploma mill.F
Ashington UniversityBritish Virgin Islands; Louisiana  
Ashwood UniversityFlorida, Pakistan, possibly TexasFake. May also operate ''Universidad de las Palmas." 
Athenaeum UPanama and UK.Does not exist.F
Atlantic International UniversityHawaii, Florida  
Atlantic National UniversityCalifornia  
Atlantic Pacific UniversityChengdu, People's Republic of China  
Auberdeen UniversityIdahoHas no authority to issue degrees. 
Azaliahformerly New MexicoLost its US accreditation in 2002. Also operates in S. Africa and Asia.F
Bangalore Inst of Science, Tech. and MgtIndia F
Barrington UniversityAlabamaSee