How to address the Lord Mayor

There is a simple protocol to be followed when addressing the Lord Mayor of Belfast, whether in public, conversation or in writing.

Speaking in public

If you are speaking in public and would like to welcome or introduce the Lord Mayor, the usual form of address is simply 'Lord Mayor'.

For example - "and so, I'd like to welcome Councillor Pat Convery, Lord Mayor of Belfast."

Speaking in conversation

If you are speaking to the Lord Mayor in conversation, the correct title remains 'Lord Mayor'.

Writing to the Lord Mayor

If you would like to write to the Lord Mayor, you should address your letter to 'the Right Honourable, the Lord Mayor, Councillor Pat Convery'.

You can abbreviate this to 'Rt Hon, the Lord Mayor, Councillor Pat Convery' if you prefer.

You should also begin your letter with 'Dear Lord Mayor'.