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  • Attention users of phones like iPhone or Android phones like Droid, Hero, etc, is optimized for these and devices like it. For those with Android devices running versions 1.5 and later of the Android operating system, we just released an Android app for browsing celebrity astrology charts. Point your phone's browser to the site and click on the link, which will use the Market to install the application.

  • ASTRO For Windows is a Series of Powerful, Easy-To-Use Astrology Programs for Windows
    ASTRO for Windows is Now Available in Windows Vista, XP, ME, 95, 98, and NT 4.0 versions
    ASTRO For Windows Has Allways Been Y2K compliant
Download Astro For Windows Ad Supported Trial Version. Now Supports Windows Vista
ASTRW230.ZIP Astro For Windows Ad Supported Version 2.30 latest Release, Unzip and Run Setup

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Astro For Windows is No Longer Accepting New Customers
We will continue to support our existing clients for some time