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We are ever so glad you came to visit!Welcome to Civil War reenacting; a splendid hobby that enables you to indulge your passion for history while giving visitors an experience that will enrich, entertain and enchant. 

As most of our dear and gentle friends have come to know, this can be an expensive hobby.  Fear not!  You can use imagination and resourcefulness to acquire your gear.  If those $200 day dresses and $600 ball gowns have left you with sticker shock, then this is the web site for you. 

We strive to provide useful, practical information--shortcuts for getting started and tips to save time and money.  Remember that it takes about a year to get your gear together, so take your time, do the research first and get good stuff.  That is the best way to save time and money.  

We hope you enjoy your visit.  To navigate this site, click on any index item at left to access the subject index page.  Point your cursor at page images for additional information.

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