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Astrology has fascinated people for more than 4,000 years with its insights into world events and human nature. This powerful tool, as many have discovered, can reveal the depths of your personality, including skills, talents, motivations and challenges in any area of life from relationships to money to career, friendship, children, family and creativity.

Astrology is far more than your Sun sign. Your natal (birth) chart, when calculated for your exact date, time and place of birth, shows all the other planets, your rising sign (also called the Ascendant) and the houses (areas of life). Unlike your Sun sign, which is shared by millions, your birth chart is as unique as you are. It's your personalized map of the heavens.

When interpreted by an accredited astrologer, your birth chart reveals your potential in this lifetime and also where you are in that journey. You can learn about current and future phases, when to expect career developments, romance, commitment, a rise in income and more. As a forecasting tool, astrology can help you prepare for periods of success as well as challenging times. It's all in the timing, which is astrology's strength as a forecasting tool.

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May Featured Book - Finding Success in the Horoscope

Finding Success in the Horoscope by Jackie Slevin presents a clear, logical, and workable system to determine an individual's best career path. The system utilizes aspects to the Midheaven and other subtle planetary symbolism to help define abilities, develop talents, and ultimately attain success. Includes numerous chart examples of successful people as well as notorious ones. Regularly $18.95. May Special 30% off, now $13.27. Buy now!

MayFeatured Book - The Astrologer, the Counsellor and the Priest

The Astrologer, the Counsellor and the Priest by Juliet Sharman-Burke and Liz Greene focuses on the astrological counseling session, a highly complex interaction between astrologer and client. Topics addressed include unspoken methods of communication, verbal exchanges, and practical considerations, which can have profound psychological impact, as can the astrologer's internal issues. Both authors have extensive experience in psychotherapy and astrology. Regularly $32.99. May Special, 30% off, $23.10. Buy now!

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