The Procyon Rising Project

The Procyon Rising Project




All lottery numbers have potential, but some have more potential than others.



Welcome to the home of the Procyon Rising Project, an exciting and ambitious attempt to predict the results of the UK National Lottery by teamwork and co-operation.




The central idea behind this project is that no one individual or system can predict the lottery in its entirety, but that some may be able to forecast certain elements to a standard better than could be expected by pure chance. They may be able to predict one number, for instance, or reduce the field from which the winning numbers can be found.

Our aim is to find and bring together as many such individuals or systems as we can, and to find out if the whole really does exceed its parts. It's rather like King Arthur sending his Knights to every corner of the kingdom in search of the Holy Grail - many may hold a key to the lottery, and we must search high and low to find these keys.

We place no restriction on how predictions are made. We don't care if you use statistical analysis, pendulums, neural networks, or astral projection. All we're interested in is the bottom line - can you beat chance?

At the moment there are three active participants, but we're always looking for more. Click on Contributors to find out a little more about the participants.



What We're Looking For

Principally, we are looking for more contributors, who make predictions for the main UK lottery and who are happy to share them.

We're also looking for 'auditors': individuals with some knowledge of statistics, who are willing to look over our efforts and tell us how we are doing, and how we can best pool our efforts into one cohesive whole.



What's In It For You?

If you can predict the lottery to your satisfaction, then it would of course be unwise for you to share your predictions. If, on the other hand, there is some room for improvement in your technique, you may be better off trading your forecasts with others, to arrive at a mutually beneficial improved forecast.



Why "Procyon Rising"?

Procyon was the fixed star rising over the horizon in England at the time of the first draw of the UK National Lottery (8:03pm GMT, November 19th, 1994).

Astronomically, Procyon is a first magnitude star in Canis Minor that heralds the arrival of Sirius.

Astrologically, Procyon is connected with fame and fortune, with a suggestion of falling from grace. It represents early successes that must be capitalised quickly, rather than slowly accumulated gains. (Could be a bad omen, but sounds suspiciously like a jackpot win to me!)