TCPMP 0.72RC1 download

This open source media player project is discontinued. Check out the commercial CorePlayer software or the soon to be released open source BetaPlayer project.

Palm OS

Windows Mobile ActiveSync

Windows Mobile CAB

Windows Desktop

Additional plugins for all platforms

GPL Source

version 0.72RC1
+general equalizer (volume normalization optional)
+mpeg4 gmc and qpel asp features supported (except on mips/sh3)

version 0.71k
+aiff uncompressed audio file support
+asap plugin (
-matroska seeking issue fix
-WinCE: XScale driver resource allocation fix when XScale not used
-WinCE: http listing of non-ascii filenames fix
-WinCE: Treo700w keyboard backlight disabled in fullscreen (second try)

version 0.71j
-asf parser fix
-PalmOS: T|T,T2 48khz samplerate crash fix
-PalmOS: keylock window fix with LCD tweak modes
-WinCE: title scroll fix
-WinCE: WM5 (O2 Atom) memory mapping fix (with XScale driver)
-WinCE: Treo700w keyboard backlight disabled in fullscreen
-WinCE: special hotkeys just warning
-Win32: administrator rights not needed anymore

version 0.71i
+nsv container support (but no vp3/vp6 codec...)
-installer file naming changed
-playlist shuffle mode fix
-buffering fix for very high bitrate movies
-avi audio timing fix with incompatible files
-PalmOS: pixel aspect option in preferences dialog
-WinCE: asf http streaming stream selection
-WinCE: XScale driver fix (for O2 Atom. still needs testing)
-WinCE: fix X50v WM5 black display after power on
-WinCE: telling "go online" to OS before http connection
-WinCE: better handling of special hotkeys (record, menu, green, red phone buttons)
-WinCE: ATI Imageon 3200 "Keep ATI driver active" option (maybe helps with crashes...)
-WinCE: DirectDraw mode fixes (+disabled with some devices...)
-Win32: DirectDraw clipping blit when overlay not available
-Win32: DirectDraw overlay color space option in settings

version 0.71h
+aspect ratio support for mkv files
+avc cqm support
-mkv avc timing fix
-avc bug fixes

version 0.71e (avc plugin only):
-some fixes
-avc weighted prediction support

version 0.71d:
-avc cabac support
-id3 coverart reader fixes
-win32: directdraw double buffered overlay mode

version 0.71c (avc plugin only):
-avc plugin fixes
+avc 8x8 transformation support

version 0.71b:
+avc decoder plugin
+ffmpeg plugin: msvideo1 and cinepak decoder included
-DIV3 decoder artifact fix (from 0.70)
-WinCE: http/mms streaming fix
-suppress cover art decoding error messages

version 0.71a:
-playlist and streaming redirection handling fix
-ogg crash fix
-(m)jpg rare decoder artifact fix (from 0.71)
-WinCE: WMP10 WMA Voice decoder support