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The Queens visit Dublin- Irish flag banned under Public order offence

The powers that be have made the carrying of the Irish flag a Public order offence under section 21.I had earlier not consented to a search and was threatened with arrest under this act also.…021.html#sec21

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  1. The Queen visited Ireland last week, probably to check up on her investments! Apologies were given for atrocities carried out in the early 20th century, but I believe they were empty words and nothing more than an act. I already knew of the atrocities but the majority here in Britain have always been deliberately kept in ignorance. We, in the UK, should have asked, “Why has the massacre in the Irish football stadium just come to light, why were we never told of this in the past?” There are many other facts that are just coming to light. The populous don’t seem to ask the right questions; perhaps it’s something to do with the fluoride in the water? The Windsor’s (their false name) are one of the richest families in the world. The question of how the Royals became rich is always elusive. They owe their survival in the modern world to carefully choreographed PR that dominates the mass media. Divide and rule has always been their method of control; it still is although today it’s far more subtle and cunning than in the past. I’m English and the Queen is supposed to represent the British people but to me she represents an oppressive super rich minority of predators that are a result of an ancient cult of psychopaths that marry their cousins. It is my belief that good honest hard working folk in Ireland and Britain are victims of these predators. The super rich elite has always been skilful at manipulating the minds of non-thinkers – every country has them. Fellow countrymen and women that are helping to impose totalitarianism upon us are typical examples. When looking at the inner core of the Royals I have often wondered, “What type of person spends their entire life on a huge ego trip, believing some ancient mumbo jumbo that pre-dates Christianity that they are superior human beings that have been especially chosen to conquer and lead?” In the 21st century this is lunacy of the highest order and their sanity should come into question. There is speculation as to who is really behind the New World Order; I think the royals are possibly one segment of it along with the elite banksters. Their puppets, the leaders that run governments, I believe are especially chosen psychopaths. To believe we live in a democracy is laughable. Britain fought two World Wars in the 20th Century. Each time the public were told they would end up as rich victors. Somehow the money part of the promise always failed to materialise. In fact the opposite happened, we ended up as paupers! Post war, most of the Royal males, especially Prince Philip, prance around wearing a full array of medals having seen sod all action. How they have the audacity is beyond me. True veterans, such as my Father who was a conscript and in the aftermath never wore his impressive array of medals or belonged to any veterans’ organisations because he was so disgusted by the way the British Government treated him, was appalled when he saw Phil the Greek exhibiting his medals. It was just one more insult to add to the many. Dad was a peace loving man whose views regarding the hidden dictatorship that runs our lives was years ahead of his time. My Father was in the front line Intelligence and always believed he was forced to fight in a war that should never have happened, please see: “Hidden History of World War Two.” Many Irishmen were forced to fight in the British Army due to “Economic Conscription.” Because of the what we now know was a manufactured depression, there was often little option other than to join the British Army in order to get money to feed their families. That factor is often “conveniently” left out of official history books! Dad fought alongside many Irishmen. After both wars, the Royals never suffered any financial hardships; in fact whilst children went hungry and limbless ex-servicemen were treated like slaves, the Royals enjoyed even greater opulence; could their alleged financial interests in the arms industries have anything to do with it? During this current deliberately engineered financial crisis, I haven’t heard of the Royals tightening their belts! Their recent lavish wedding extravaganza, most of the bill was picked up by the British taxpayer. In the 1970’s when Britain started exploiting its oil fields in the North Sea, rumours went around that the British would soon be the richest people in the world, due to the oil bonanza. So what happened, where did the money go? It certainly didn’t end up in the pockets of Joe Public! No doubt Irish oil will go the same way. Could this be the real reason Queenie and Obama visited Ireland?

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