First Tuzla Massacre, 21 March 1995, At Least 19 Killed

Bosnian Truce Breached

Sarasota Heald-Tribune, p.12A
21 March 1995.

Bosnia got a foretaste of a bitter bloody spring Monday when heavy fighting erupted on two fronts in the worst breach of a four-month truce.

At least 19 people were reported killed and dozens wounded when Serbs shelled Tuzla, a stronghold of the Bosnian government, apparently to retaliate for a government offensive on a strategic mountain nearby.

Fighting raged around Mount Majevica, northeast of Tuzla. Government troops were trying to capture Serb artillery positions on the mountain the Serbs use to shell Tuzla, army sources said.

It has long been expected that the Posavina region north of Tuzla, where the Serb supply corridor is narrowest, would be a key focus of new battles after the truce expires.

In Sarajevo, at least six people were wounded in renewed sniping.

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