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Driving Safety Tips

Extreme Weather
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  • Severe Thunderstorms and Lightning

    • Tune in to your radio to stay informed of approaching storms.
    • If you see a tornado or hear a tornado warning, don't try to outrun it. View tornado driving safety tips.
    • Turn on your headlights (low beams) and slow down. Many states require the use of headlights during rain.
    • Allow extra distance for braking.
    • Do not drive unless necessary.
    • Pull safely onto the shoulder of the road away from any trees that could fall on the vehicle.
    • Stay in the car and turn on the emergency flashers until the heavy rains subside.
    • An automobile provides better insulation against lightning than being in the open.
    • Avoid contact with any metal conducting surfaces either inside your car or outside.
    • Avoid flooded roadways.
    • Avoid downed power lines.
    • Check your windshield wipers and tires regularly to insure that they are ready for severe weather.
    • Approach intersections with caution
    • Treat traffic lights at intersections as stop signs.
    • How to deal with a hail storm.
    • Visit our flood safety tips for how to deal with flooding.

    Source: FEMA.gov

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