Quandary Texture Pack

Download Quandary v3.4, 366KB

Use the link above to add Quandary textures to your game! Simply download, move the ZIP file to your textures folder, and select it in Minecraft to transform your world.

In an effort to support the growing mod community for Minecraft, we will soon be adding additional features for modifications to the game. Keep checking back for these updates!

What is the Quandary Texture Pack?

The Quandary texture pack for Minecraft is designed to act as a subtle replacement to the original Minecraft textures, whereas other packs such as rhodox' Painterly Pack are meant as a major overhaul to the game. Quandary, instead, uses the original textures Notch created as a base and adds slightly more fidelity to the terrain, improving the visibility of world blocks. In other words, two players playing on the same server will be able to experience the same "feel" even when one is using the Quandary texture pack and the other is using the default textures.

Please note: Quandary used to feature seasonal effects, but due to the current graphic limitations of the game, seasons have been removed. If the folks at Mojang eventually decide to allow texture artists the opportunity to edit the necessary files, we will again offer seasonal variations to spice up your game.

Love it! [...] Many subtle changes while preserving the original atmosphere.
[...] Everything returned to "normal" and I grew complacent and took the beauty for granted. Then... the dreariness befell once more, and I realized – I'd just got taken for an emotional ride that I thoroughly want to enjoy again.
Mitijea, on seasons using Quandary

What are its features?

Custom items and blocks in the Quandary texture pack for Minecraft

I need your help!

No problem. You can usually find me in the IRC chatroom for Retribution Games (#retribution on SynIRC), but you can also contact me at ExtraNoise@gmail.com. I'll be happy to help as much as I can. Really I just want to see you happy using this texture pack.

This is cool, can I buy you a drink?

I think the biggest thanks you could give me is reccomending Quandary to your friends or on online communities. I love seeing screenshots and videos (particularly on reddit), so take some of those from time-to-time as well. If there's a link back to this page, I'll probably find your work and give it whatever props I can.

If you're still interested in buying me a drink, read on: I really like Yoo-hoos, but since those are awful to ship a PayPal donation works just as well. Plus a small monetary donation keeps my wife happy that I'm doing something constructive with my time. Shh, just don't tell her exactly what it is. And keeping her happy allows me to continue spending my free time working on these textures.

Change Log

v3.4 Changed sandstone and cobblestone textures. Added support for sidegrass. Updated environment sprites. Changed sun/moon sprites. Added wolf mob textures by Bonemouse and User-interface by Bonemouse.

v3.3 Additional block types added and inclusion of armor sprite art by Cpt. Corn.

v3.2 First post-update beta unofficial release. For testing. New block types added.

v3.1 Updated file structure for use with latest version of Minecraft. Now includes easier to install pack options, new readme file, icons and text description for in-game selection menu.

v3.0.1 A patch fix for the updated version of Minecraft.

v3.0 Compilation of entire collection of season textures to be used with latest Minecraft update. Overhaul of grass/tree texture generation. Updates to terrain.png (flowers, grass, leaves) and sign.png.

v2.7 Addition of mob artwork by Bonemouse (used with permission). Recreation of grass and plant sprites/textures in terrain.png. Small user interface tweaks. Preparation of files for "Boo" biome release.

v2.6.1 Corrected an issue in items.png where part of the wheat icon was overlapping the bread icon.

v2.6 Updated gui.png with new heart, shield, cursor, and bubble graphics. Overhaul of items.png: tools, weapons, consumable objects, craftable objects, buckets, carts, boat, mineral types. Updates to snow.png.

v2.5 Major updates to terrain.png including changes to the ore types, crafting table, terrain types, flowers, doors, and cobblestone. Removed 32x32 texture pack. Added season textures. Updated gui.png with new heart graphics. Updated items.png with additional refinement to world objects, including tools.

v2.4 Terrain.png updates and changes: Doors, Bookshelf, Silver, Gold, Obsidian, Bedrock. Items.png updates and changes: Doors, Sign, Egg, Book, Redstone, Brick, Silver Bar, Gold Bar, Diamond, Armor and Weapons. Overhaul of Flint.

v2.3 Updates to terrain.png. Fire sprite (non-animated) fix. Lava fix. Addition of 16x16 pack for animations.

v2.2 Updates to terrain.png, addition of Arrows and Sign changed sprites. Small bug fixes to improve playability.

v2.1 Initial release. Changes to terrain.png

v2.0 Texture size refined; 32x32 textures. Changes to grass, dirt, rock.


ExtraNoise (Rick Pierce) - Terrain, GUI, Website
Website: www.RickPierce.info

Bonemouse - Monsters, Animals, Critters
Website: Punching Trees

Cpt. Corn - Armor and Terrain
Author of Coterie Craft: Coterie Craft

Known Issues

Biome-specific colors are overwritten by Minecraft, no solution until Notch updates this. As a result, Quandary colors are not retained for the time being.

Watch graphic is not updated.

Still to come...

Refinement of biome-specific textures and custom water and lava!