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Free The 88 Generation Students Group

Htay Kywe, Zaw Htet Ko Ko, Mie Mie of the '88 Generation Students © Private

In March 1988 a courageous group of Burmese students built a peaceful pro-democracy movement that spread across the country. The government responded with ferocity - killing, imprisoning and disappearing thousands of people. Seventeen years later, inspired by the ideals of these protests, the '88 Generation Students group was formed.

In 2007 members of the group took part in the mass anti-government protests that swept through Burma. The uprising was brought to an end in a violent crackdown by the military junta. Veteran activists and group members Htay Kywe and Mie Mie were arrested along with younger member Zaw Htet Ko Ko. Htay Kywe and Mie Mie were sentenced to 65 years in prison, Zaw Htet Ko Ko received an 11-year sentence.


According to a 17 August 2010 report by the Burmese exile news service The Irrawaddy, Htay Kywe was visited by his brother-in-law in prison on 9 August. His brother-in-law told The Irrawaddy that Htay Kywe has lost a lot of weight and his eyesight is a little poor. He spends his time reading, meditating and studying economics. Please keep sending letters to the Burmese authorities


Zaw Htet Ko Ko and two other prisoners of conscience are in need of immediate medical treatment. The three men have all been denied adequate medical treatment. Zaw Htet Ko Ko has been suffering from stomach pain and has lost a significant amount of weight. He has received some medical treatment for his problem, but it is not clear whether the treatment is sufficient or appropriate. He also has high blood pressure.

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Please call on the Burmese authorities to release Htay Kywe, Mie Mie and Zaw Thet Ko Ko.

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