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Key Resources for Parents and School Board Members
By: Discovery Institute
Discovery Institute
August 21, 2007

Are you a parent or a school board member interested in improving the teaching of evolution in your local schools? Below are resources you will find helpful as you try to do this, including materials you can print out and submit to your school board. These materials and resources describe why teaching "the full range of scientific views" about evolution is important; document current peer-reviewed scientific controversies over evolution; explain how to teach the controversy over evolution legally; and provide responses to attacks you may receive from those opposed to teaching evolution fully and fairly.

As a general approach, Discovery Institute favors teaching students more about evolution, not less. We think students deserve to know not only about the strengths of modern evolutionary theory, but also about some of the theory's weaknesses and unresolved issues. In other words, students should be taught that evolutionary theory, like any scientific theory, continues to be open to analysis and critical scrutiny. According to opinion polls, this approach is favored by the overwhelming majority of the American public, and it has also been endorsed by the U.S. Congress in report language attached to the No Child Left Behind Act Conference Report.

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How to Teach the Controversy Over Darwinism Legally


The following resources explain why it is important to teach students about the full range of scientific views on evolution as part of a good science education.

Questions about Science Education Policy

How Should Schools Handle Evolution? Debate it by Stephen Meyer and John Angus Campbell

FAQ About Critical Analysis of Evolution

Textbook Debate: It's All About the Evidence, by Stephen C. Meyer

Darwin in the Classroom: Ohio Allows Alternative by John G. West

Santorum Language in the No Child Left Behind Act Conference Report


The following resources document some of the important scientific issues regarding the modern theory of evolution known as neo-Darwinism. These are excellent materials to circulate among parents, school board members, and teachers.

Fact Sheet: Micro-evolution v. Macroevolution (PDF file)

Fact Sheet: The Cambrian Explosion (PDF file)

A Scientific Dissent From Darwinism: Over 600 Scientists Skeptical of Neo-Darwinism

Survival of the Fakest by Jonathan Wells

Icons of Evolution
Icons of Evolution book
Icons of Evolution documentary
Icons of Evolution website


It is sometimes claimed that teaching about scientific controversies over evolution is unconstitutional. This claim is false. It is plainly constitutional to teach about scientific criticisms of any scientific theory, including the theory of evolution. As the controlling Supreme Court case of Edwards v. Aguillard makes clear, "scientific critiques of prevailing scientific theories" can be an appropriate part of science education. The following resources explain how to teach about evolution within existing legal precedents:

Teaching About Evolution in the Public Schools: A Short Summary of the Law

How to Teach the Controversy Legally (Click here for more information and to view the video)

Key Law Review articles


Misinformation and mischaracterization are rampant in the media coverage of the debate over evolution. Because Discovery Institute’s views and positions recently have been inaccurately reported, and because Discovery Fellows have been maligned in the media in the past, we have published a number of "Truth Sheets" to set the record straight.

We have gathered all the Truth Sheets here to make it easy for the public to learn the truth about the Institute, its Fellow and the work it supports.

The Truth About Discovery Institute's Center for Science & Culture A resource center for setting the record straight.

For daily coverage of how the media reports on the debate over evolution please visit our blog, Evolution News & Views at

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