Sing, Aurra

  • Appeared in:
  • Homeworld:
    Nar Shaddaa
  • Species:
  • Gender:
  • Size:
    1.74 meters
  • Weapon:
    Lightsaber, projectile rifle, blasters
  • Vehicle:
    Modified Swoop
  • Affiliation:
    Bounty Hunter, former Jedi

From the Movies

Events such as the Boonta Eve Classic Podrace attract beings from all reaches of the Outer Rim Territories. Drawn by the prospect of winning a fortune by gambling on the outcome of the race, even wanted criminals surface from the shadows. Following them are bounty hunters such as Aurra Sing, who keep a close eye on the proceedings.

Aurra Sing is a laconic humanoid alien with chalk-white skin and long, bloodletting fingers. Surgically attached to her skull is a long, thin sensor implant that aids her in her hunts. Sing is clad in a functional red jumpsuit and wears little armor.

From the Expanded Universe

Pain, death and vengeance have been constants in Aurra Sing's life. Had she benefited from a better upbringing, perhaps she may have grown to be one of the greatest of the Jedi order. Instead, she became one its deadliest scourges.

As with all Jedi hopefuls, Aurra's Force-potential was discovered when she was an infant. Being raised on the mean streets of Nar Shaddaa's vertical cities, Aurra's species is unknown, and her mother was a spice-addled reprobate named Aunuanna. The mysterious Jedi known as the Dark Woman took custody of Aurra, spiriting her away to Coruscant to begin her initiation into the Jedi way far from the dark decay of the Smuggler's Moon.

Aurra was a difficult, headstrong student. She displayed a cunning instinct and deadly reflexes, but lacked the control needed to fully master the Force. The Jedi Council hoped that the Dark Woman could tame Aurra's aggressive instincts. Some of her fellow students even branded Aurra with the nickname "Nashtah," after the deadly six-legged Dravian hound.

Aurra and the Dark Woman never established the bond that the Council had hoped for. While on a trip to Ord Namurt, Aurra was kidnapped by star pirates, who fed her lies regarding the Jedi. The lies played well to Aurra's natural fears of abandonment and betrayal. At the tender age of nine, she turned her back on the Jedi order, not even having achieved the rank of a Padawan learner.

The life of a pirate agreed with Sing, as she was able to focus her aggression. She learned martial and hunting skills while living on the fringe. Ill fortune caught up with Sing when a Hutt crime lord took her captive. Wanting her turned into a deadly assassin, the Hutt apprenticed Sing to a group of vampiric Anzati. Aurra underwent a transformation, stripping away any vestiges of compassion she had left. She emerged from her training a deadly, remorseless killer, seeking revenge for all who had wronged her in the past. The Anzati even affixed her with a Rhen-Orm biocomputer sensor implant, which not only increased her situational awareness, but also transmitted a simulated sensation of the fear the Anzati preyed upon.

Aurra became an independent bounty hunter specializing in Jedi hunts. She collected at least six lightsabers from her fallen foes as grim trophies, and brandished her own scarlet-bladed Jedi weapon. She armed herself with twin blaster pistols and a long projectile rifle. For her primary surface conveyance, Sing relied upon an outdated but highly modified swoop.

Aurra continued to kill Jedi as the Republic began to decay and crumble around her. A'Sharad Hett, Peerce and J'Mikel were but three of the Jedi she murdered. She had longed to track down the Dark Woman and exact vengeance for what she viewed as betrayal.

With her loyalties determined by her own vendettas and the highest bidder, Aurra Sing found easy employ in the chaos of the Clone Wars. She worked for Count Dooku, seeking the young Boba Fett for information the clone child possessed. When she learned that young Fett was heir to a fortune, she disregarded the original bounty mission, and tried to get Jango Fett's treasure for herself. She took the boy to Aargau, home of the riches, where young Boba was able to escape from Aurra in the labyrinthine interior of the banking planet.

When Aurra was hired to assassinate a Senator on Devaron, a team of Jedi was sent to investigate. Among them, the Dark Woman. Aurra sprang a trap on her former master, pinning the Dark Woman and the Jedi Master Tholme in a cave explosion. The remaining Jedi, Aayla Secura, tracked down Aurra and confronted her. What followed was a fierce duel between the two women. The fight was nearly a draw, until Aayla goaded Aurra, piercing through her icy façade to describe the wounded, lonely, abandoned child within. Aurra attacked ferociously, but Aayla bested her.

True to her Jedi heritage, Aayla did not needlessly take Aurra's life. She instead scarred her with her blade, and severed the Rhen-Orm biocomputer antenna. Stunned, Aurra was easily taken into custody, and sent to the prisons of Oovo IV.

History is vague as to the Sing's whereabouts in the decades that followed. The growing galactic strife eclipsed her from public notice, and she disappeared for years. There are reports that she resurfaced during the Galactic Civil War as a combatant in Jabba the Hutt's demolition contests. Forty years after the Battle of Yavin, in the chaos that surrounded the growing tensions between Coruscant and Corellia, Aurra Sing once again surfaced as a deadly bounty hunter. She was hired to assassinate Hapan Queen Mother Tenel Ka and her young daughter Allana, but was ultimately foiled by Jacen Solo.

Behind the Scenes

Aurra Sing was a late addition to Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace. Seen as a spectator to the Boonta Eve Podrace, Sing was designed by Doug Chiang in a sketch labeled "Babe Fett." Sing was played by model Michonne Bourriague.

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