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    Mos Eisley Cantina

From the Movies

Mos Eisley Cantina's gruff bartender has a face only a thirsty patron could love. On a parched desert world, most customers could easily overlook his ugly mug in exchange for a frosty one. Besides, with clientele that included a bewildering array of alien species in all shapes and sizes, his was hardly the most distressing countenance.

From the Expanded Universe

Wuher has lived on Tatooine all his life, abandoned by his parents on the desert world, which is reason enough for his sour attitude. The droid-hating bartender is nonetheless a genius in mixology. Even without the bar's built in computer, Wuher has a firm grasp on what chemicals intermix with what alien's physiology, and how to produce the most potent -- and cost-effective -- drinks.

Despite his grating personality, Wuher fosters dreams beneath his ugly shell. He longed to make a signature drink that would earn him fame, and the target of his plan would be none other than Jabba the Hutt. If he could properly tickle Jabba's tastebuds, then he'd be on the path to success.

To make the special elixer, Wuher found himself teaming up with an unthinkable accomplice -- a multipurpose droid named C2-R4. The combination of the droid's catalytic fuel converters, chemical analysis programs and Wuher's knack for spirits and mixes coupled with a secret ingredient -- pungent essense of Rodian salvaged from Greedo's blaster-holed corpse -- resulted in a drink potent enough to please a Hutt.

Behind the Scenes

The screenplay for A New Hope only identifies Wuher as "bartender." He did not receive his name until a 1993 roleplaying game supplement identified him. Prior to that, a 1989 boxed set of metal miniatures called Wuher "Cedo Partu," but that name just never stuck.

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