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Will We Allow the ‘AUTHORITIES’ to Medicate Us Against Our Will? The Fight Against Fluoride Starts Here! An Open Letter to Caroline Lucas: Head of the British Green Party

Dear Caroline,
I’m writing to express my disgust at a Daily Mail article in this morning’s gutter press which tells us that the fluoridation of England and Wales’ public water supply is imminent by government ‘AUTHORITY’.
I did not and never would give any government authority to poison my water using drugs under the guise of dental care. this is a completely bogus argument with numerous studies going back decades indicating that fluoride in water and toothpastes are responsible for cancer and other bone problems. The teeth afterall are part of your skeleton. Thus fluoride is also responsible for the high incidences of osteoporosis in women in countries which fluoridate their water.
The other 2% which does equates to approximately 80% of the public water supply in the Republic of Ireland – The North of Ireland DOES NOT FLUORIDATE whilst approximately 10% of England and Wales do. Scotland DOES NOT!
My question to you is, as the head of the Green Party, what do you intend to do about this outrageous infringement of our human rights, according to the Untited Nations Charter of Human Rights, not to be medicated against our will by government authority who have no license to practice medicine? I need not remind you that fluoride is being promoted as a medical product.
I am currently involved in the campaigh to have fluoride removed from the public water supply in Ireland which is having great success amongst the outraged public and politicians alike. The facts against fluoridation speak for themselves and I will be more than happy to provide you or anyone else who should take an interest with all relevant facts and documentation regarding this matter.
I will shortly be starting a campaign under the auspices of the National Health Federation which has a seat in the Unitied Nations Codex Alimentarius meetings which is another outrageous scheme to deny us healthcare of our own chosing which the Green Party has totally ignored. Be warned, this issue will be fought vehemently by all groups worldwide opposed to this drugging of the public against their human rights as it has been in New Zealand, Canada and Ireland most recently. This will be viewed as a criminal matter in the future on the same basis as genocide of which it is at worst and at best government sanctioned grievous bodily harm.

This is one of a number of real environmental issues which your party and disciples refuse to deal with or even take notice of. Others include the destruction of our natural indigenous food crops through GMO contamination which will decimate agriculture in this country.
We have also witnessed, for anyone who cares to look up into the sky over the past decade at least, the blatant geoengineering taking place in the skies above our heads on which your silence is deafening.
It’s about time we had a REAL ENVIRONMENTAL PARTY as opposed to the hypocritical pseudo-green CO2 cultists masquerading as saviours of the planet of which you and your party certainly are not. You are in fact presiding over environmental destruction on a grand scale to the detriment of the health of our country’s citizens whilst promoting a cult of austerity to be imposed on individuals and businesses which will further decimate the British economy and punish the poorest and most vulnerable members of our society, namely the old and infirm, who have been dying in ever increasing numbers from hypothermia in their own homes due to fear of escalating energy bills based on blatant lies and propaganda promoted by you and your party as scientific fact when this has been disproven time and again to be the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the world. I hope you’re proud of your willful ignorance in this regard and your incredibly naive belief in the liars and fraudsters of the IPCC and the CRU in Norwich who have been utterly discredited as scientists and honest human beings. They have also brought the whole scientific establishment into disrepute and been responsible for vast amounts of money being squandered, not only on themselves, but also on utterly useless multi million windfarms which continue to destroy the landscape of our once green and pleasant land.
I look forward to your reply on this matter of which anyone interested in environmental matters, of which I include myself and many others outside the Green Party, should take notice of and act accordingly as paid servants of the public they purport to serve on the backs of the beleaguered taxpayer.
Yours disgustedly,
Neil Foster,
The Sovereign Independent

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