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An ORGANIC Fairytale

By Joe Scanlan – The Sovereign Independent -

Environmental Correspondent

Organic is a fraud. Organic is normal food or food that has NOT been deliberately debased by eugenicists for the purpose of making consumers sterile, sick and dumb. Dump the term organic and label everything else unfit for human consumption, it is unnatural.

Monsanto staff, the European Royal Family Mafia and their governments, the banksters and the American senate eat real food; food that they have trained the rest of us (austeritied peasants) to call organic. Since the second world war was upgraded and sent underground, food has been used as a weapon by these creeps on the general population to prevent people from waking up to the existence of their attackers.

The genocidal-maniacs use their media prostitutes to lie about the population bomb, baby boomers, optimum population, overpopulation, family planning, abortion, euthanasia; the same old worn out mantra chanted over and over again to try to make us believe we should either exterminate ourselves or make it acceptable for others to do it for us.

The only reason for immigration is that, for a time thanks to controlled sterility, there were not enough western slaves to pay off the national debt to the banksters. So the puppet governments dissolved the borders to allow foreign slaves to flood in and fill the gap. This scam of overpopulation was concocted to justify eugenics through the poisoning of our food. Of course, we the sheep on the farm are the last to be told about this culling.

The follow-up mantra chant was “we need a Green Revolution to feed the world. Let’s call it sustainability, that’ll give us the excuse to poison all the peasant’s lands and feed poisoned food back to them to make them even more stupid, sterile and docile. Let’s poison their drinking-water while we’re at it.”

The real sustainability is the sustaining of a drastically reduced world population; a culled population reduced by 90% as laid down in the Georgia Guidestones.

Enter the Organic Fairytale

Having poisoned the land and water in the war against the general public the next step towards full spectrum dominance was the naming of poisoned food ‘normal’, and that of elitist food “organic”. Academic Guardian readers and middle-caste BBC gawkers were ego-groomed through educational propaganda to be shoe-horned into their appropriate mainstream media Left-Wing-Right-Wing custom-built boxes of snobbery and told they can (for now) eat ‘organic’ food.

Big deal, they are allowed to eat normal food with a snobby name. That’s very considerate of the dominant minority lording it over the divided-and-ruled caste system. At least the untouchable Sun readers know they are slaves. In this respect they are less brainwashed, or should we say greenwashed?

It’s worth reading the book The One Straw Revolution.

Here we have a ridiculed farmer who decided to produce food that would be affordable to all by deciding not to pump in all the expensive poisons so that it would be cheaper at the marketplace for the consumer. The end result was that he was forced to put the price way above that of the poison-pushers and his food was then sold with elitist snob-appeal. Such is the organic scam; and it is a GIANT SCAM!

If the Green disciples (most of them smug middle-class hypocrites) think they’ll be able to go on affording ‘organic’ food and pay for it with worthless hyperinflated Weimar Republic type money not fit to paper the walls with, then they really, really have something else coming to them. Here’s the message for you. You won’t be allowed to grow food, you won’t be allowed a garden, a farm or an allotment or even a lettuce in a flowerpot. You’ll be fed laboratory stuff that is designed to modify your genetic make-up and use you as a bio-ethical (eugenic) slave.

It’s called transhumanism and posthumanism. Most of what’s in your supermarket is doing this to you already. They wouldn’t do that, they just haven’t told you about it. Don’t hold your breath. The mainstream media would have told you about it, eh… no they wouldn’t. They are a culture weapon just like Pravda. You live in a police state, or haven’t you noticed, and it’s going to get an awful, awful, awful lot worse. You won’t hear about that in the Guardian the Telegraph or the BBC.

READ LOCAL AGENDA 21…The Communist Manifesto… really read it.

You will be herded (transitioned) into the already overcrowded batteries…I mean cities, and they plan to switch your power off and everything you need to survive. They plan to leave you to revolt amongst yourselves and die off. It’s called population control as per Agenda 21.

What is the sacred colour of communism?

Red, wrong answer, it’s GREEN. The red is just the transitional stage, the George Orwell 1984 police state surveillance and torture bit. The next stage is the transition into green, the Huxlian Brave New World Order bit with the genetically modified slaves. It’s called Communism. Actually, they are bringing in the Orwellian and Huxlian futures both at the same time. The Berlin Wall never came down they just moved it and expanded communism. That’s why we now live in East Berlin with a load of mass-media drivel and the organic fairytale thrown in under Agenda 21 or the Communist Manifesto for the 21st century. In fact, it’s communism run by fascist dictators at the top. Communism is fascism anyway.

If you don’t believe this, check out the founder of the Green Cross International. You’ll find he’s a greenie depopulation eugenicist like all the other members of the elitist Club of Rome cult  Instead of falling for the organic fairytale scam why not call for everything else to be labelled unfit for human consumption, label the tap-water toxic and go after the criminals and stand them before a Common Law Court with a grand jury and let them explain themselves in a Nuremberg type trial.

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2 Comments for “An ORGANIC Fairytale”

  1. UnclePontis

    Phillip Day fromCreadence says in his books… the expolsion in heart disease and cancer is a kind of “slow skervey” iewhich has manifested in this way due to prelonged poor nutrition… and added to that drip feed poisening in the food, water and hygine products… it is a dirty game that is being wages upon us.. but the saddest thing of all is that the people are asleep,…and sometimes I think that by the time people do cop on they wil be too weak to do anything about it.

  2. Blaqckie

    Good Journal! Its so nice to hear the truth Sovereign Independent.


    Zbigniew Brzezinski, advisor to many presidents, said that soon the public will not be able to think for themselves, all they will be able to do is to “repeat ” last nights “download” of news.

    Since they can’t even “see” the “massive spraying operation” above their heads, I can only conclude that this has happened.

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