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Tropical Cyclone Weekly Summary #176 (December 11 - 18, 1994)
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Jack Beven  
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 More options Dec 24 1994, 1:29 pm
Newsgroups: sci.geo.meteorology
From: Jack Beven <>
Date: Sat, 24 DEC 94 13:26:11 -0500
Local: Sat, Dec 24 1994 1:26 pm
Subject: Tropical Cyclone Weekly Summary #176 (December 11 - 18, 1994)
This report is compiled from warnings issued by:
   National Hurricane Center               Central Pacific Hurricane Center
   Naval Western Oceanography Center       Fiji Meteorological Service
   Meteorological Service of New Zealand   Joint Typhoon Warning Center
   Japanese Meteorological Agency          Bureau of Meteorology, Australia
   Philippine Meteorological Service       Royal Observatory of Hong Kong
   Indian Meteorological Department        Reunion Meteorological Service
   Mauritius Meteorological Service
   (others may be added as they become available)

   Special Announcement: Text copies of past weekly summaries can now be
retrieved via ftp from They can be found in the directory


North Atlantic Basin: No tropical cyclones.

Eastern North Pacific Basin (E of 140 Deg. W): No tropical cyclones.

Central North Pacific Basin (180 Deg. W to 140 Deg. W): No tropical cyclones.

Western North Pacific Basin (W of 180 Deg. W):

   Tropical Storm Axel: Tropical Depression 38W formed near 7N 152E on 13
December. Initially moving west, the system turned west-southwest the next
day. The system turned west on 15 December, and this general track continued
the next day as it reached tropical storm strength. Axel turned west-north-
west on 17 December, and this motion continued through the end of the sum-
mary period. At the end of the summary period, Axel was packing 60 kt winds.

   Axel passed through the Caroline Islands as it developed. Yap reported a
minimum pressure of 994.3 mb at 2100 UTC 17 December. There are no reports
of damage or casualties at this time.

   Tropical Depression 39W: Tropical Depression 39W formed near 5N 171E on 17
December. The system followed a general westward track through the end of the
summary period, at which time the maximum winds were 30 kt. This system was
developing in the Marshall Islands, but there are no reports of damage or
casualties at this time.

North Indian Ocean Basin: No tropical cyclones.

South Indian Ocean Basin (W of 135 Deg. E):

   Tropical Cyclone Annette (TC-03S): A tropical depression formed near 13S
116E on 14 December. Initially quasi-stationary, the system started a south-
ward drift the next day as it reached tropical storm intensity. Annette moved
south-southeast on 16 December as it reached hurricane strength, then it
turned southeast on 17 December. Annette accelerated southeast and moved
inland over northwestern Australia on 18 December as it reached a peak inten-
sity of 95 kt. The storm dissipated over land the next day.

   There are few available observations near the landfall point. La Grange
Mission reported 60 kt sustained winds and a pressure of 999.9 mb at 0700 UTC
18 December. Mandora reported a 997 mb pressure at 0400 UTC the same day.
There are no reports of damage or casualties at this time.

South Pacific Ocean Basin (E of 135 Deg. E):

   Tropical Cyclone 04P: A tropical depression formed near 11S 172E on 13
December. The cyclone followed a southeastward track through its lifetime.
TC-04P reached tropical storm strength on 15 December, with a peak intensity
of 45 kt on 16 December. The system became extratropical near 26S 171W on 17

   This system passed through the Fiji Islands. The large circulation produced
several reports of 995-1000 mb pressures, but there were no reports of
tropical storm force winds. There are no reports of damage or casualties at
this time.

Disclaimer: While an effort has been made to insure that this information is
as accurate as possible, it was drawn from operational warnings that may not
always agree with the best track information published after the storm is
over. Please address any questions or comments on the information this week
to Jack Beven at Internet addresses:

Past text copies of the Tropical Cyclone Weekly Summary can be obtained via e-
mail or by ftp (see announcement above). Please send an e-mail message to Jack
Beven if you are interested.

   A digitized version of the weekly summary with DMSP polar orbiting imagery
is available over the World Wide Web. This is courtesy of Greg Deuel at the
DMSP satellite archive. It can be found at: under
the Weekly Updated Items section of the DMSP Satellite Archive home page.

   For more information on the imagery and how to retrieve the digitized
summary and images by other methods, please contact Greg Deuel at Internet


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