What are they?

Robots are self-reconfigurable if they are able to independently change their shape and structure (no human intervention). The typical design for these robots is to have many small atomic parts, called modules, which combine together in different ways to give the robot its structure and allow it to perform actions.

To get a quick introduction to the field, might I suggest this paper.

This Survey Site

This site has been created to provide a glimpse of what's currently happening in the new and growing field of self-reconfigurable robotics. It also gives me a place to keep track of any work I might be doing (though my page is horribly outdated at the moment).


Major site update. I've been collecting papers for a while but haven't updated the site until now. The list of papers is now over 300 and while I know I'm still missing a few, I have a good idea where to look for most of them. The researcher links section is also heavily updated with over 60 web links that you can search and sort according to category and school affiliation. Now some day I just need to update the section on my own work. ;)
Minor stuff. Added sub-titles to the "Field Papers" and "Researcher Links" pages so that search engine results might make a little more sense.
Major site update. There are now over 150 papers listed for the field of self-reconfigurable robots. Searching and sorting capabilities were also added to the "field papers" page. The page is automatically generated from a database file now, so hopefully updates should be easier and more frequent in the future.