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Sunday 5 June 2011

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Dubious Proposition of the Day

Friday, 6th February 2009

I have nothing to say on this ludicrous Jeremy Clarkson controversy, save to observe that this constant hoopla over whether BBC presenters have offended anyone is beyond wearisome. That said, Iain Gray, the aptly named leader of the Labour group in the Scottish parliament, responded to Clarkson in especially presumptious style:

"Such a comment is really a reflection on Jeremy Clarkson and speaks for itself," he said.

"Most people here are proud that the prime minister is a Scot and believe him to be the right person to get the UK through this global economic crisis."

As they say, count me out. If anything the reverse may be true. Quite why we should be supposed to think better of El Gordo simply because he's a Fifer is beyond me. Unsurprisingly, the Daily Mash has the best coverage of this nonsense.

UPDATE: Tom Harris thinks Clarkson a buffoon (no argument from me) but also has this to say:

"Of course he shouldn’t have used such offensive language to describe anyone, least of all his Prime Minister, and especially not when he was in another country. Clarkson used the terms “Scottish” and “one-eyed” as insults, and as someone who is the former and whose father is both, I do find his remarks offensive."

Well! Least of all "his Prime Minister"? It seems to me that if you can't disparage the PM, who can you disparage? Brown's not the head of state and why on earth is it somehow "worse" for Clarkson to have mouthed off "in another country"? Really, if you find "Scottish" and, indeed, "one-eyed" offensive then you probably need to get out more. Rich stuff, too, coming from a Scottish Labour MP given how Mr Harris's colleagues detested the "English" Margaret Thatcher and held her Englishness against her. From this they cunningly divined that she hated Scotland, despite there being no evidence to support this notion.

Honestly, the chippiness of the reaction is enough to make a fellow wish he were Welsh.

[Thanks to reader ASB for the Daily Mash heads-up]

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February 6th, 2009 5:00pm Report this comment

Agreed. The great Gorgon is an embarrassment to Scotland.

I find the MSP's faux offence at the comment most offensive.

Nick Kaplan

February 6th, 2009 6:26pm Report this comment

Surely the most important thing is that everything Clarkson said is true. Nobody could deny that the PM is either Scottish or one-eyed. If a statement of fact is assumed to be offensive then surely this says more about the person taking offense than it does about the person supposedly giving it.


February 6th, 2009 6:40pm Report this comment

El Gordo is in denial - he probably believes that he isn't Scottish, monovisual, fat or an idiot - oh yes, and that he saved the world.


February 6th, 2009 8:32pm Report this comment

Look, Brown can either pretend that the recession had nothing to do with him, and that he never saw any warning signs of its approach, in which case he's an idiot; or he can admit that it was his deliberate policy to overheat the economy, gear up massive levels of borrowing and public debt, steer the country into its worst financial and economic crisis ever, and then pretend it'd all be over by the autumn of 2009.
If he admitted that, he really would be an idiot.
As to Scottish and one-eyed - guilty as charged.


February 7th, 2009 5:17am Report this comment

Alex,Alex calm down. You wish you were Welsh ? Why align yourself with that bunch of largely two eyed, leek munching surrender monkeys ?

Johnathan Pearce

February 7th, 2009 12:14pm Report this comment

I know from my own social circle that people say far worse things about Mr Brown. The fact is that Brown is being subjected to the sort of abuse that Mrs Thatcher or John Major had to tolerate, with their usual stoicism, for years. The trouble with parts of the Left is that they think they have a monopoly on morality and are stunned to discover that not everyone loves them or thinks them to be good people. I find Clarkson a bit of a bully at times and he represents a relentless coarsening of our culture, but he is only expressing the frustrations of the time. Let's move on to something more substantial, can't we?


February 7th, 2009 12:28pm Report this comment

Representatives of the Scottish Parliament and of the RNIB have already commented. On behalf of all idiots I'd like to point out that we too are deeply offended by being compared to GB.

Kevyn Bodman

February 7th, 2009 2:34pm Report this comment

I am Welsh.
I expect Adrian Chiles and Jo Brand to be offended on my behalf by comments printed above.
I remain unoffended, and am now going to cheer for Italy against England at rugby.

More work for Mr. Chiles and Ms. Brand on that front too, they can feel offended on behalf of English people who are not offended themselves.

Craig Strachan

February 7th, 2009 3:35pm Report this comment

And what about the use of the word "Scottish" in the phrase "Member of the Scottish Parliament"? Why does the word Parliament need to be so qualified? It seems like it's intended to be somehow derogatory, like it's just the "Scottish" Parliament, not the real deal at all, full of numpties with nothing better to do than take vocal offence at TV presenters and Speccie journalists.

I am offended.

Liz Brown

February 7th, 2009 5:00pm Report this comment

is gormless blind in one eye? I thought he was partially sighted in one and losing the sight in the other. What is not in duspute is that he is Scottish, an idiot and unlike the ass who calls himself the leader of the Scottish Labour Party - (surely that title is in itself discrminiatory?) I doubt that anyone other than he is proud that the subprime mentalist gormelss is Scottish - as a Scot,I am ashamed - nor does it help to have the same surname

London Calling

February 8th, 2009 11:37pm Report this comment

I apologise for the following...

It doesn’t matter that Gordon Brown has one eye... at least it explains how he got all his financial figures wrong and why he sees the high road and we see the low road... :)

And who cares if he's Scottish, we love the Scots and all things Scottish, Just not in England...:)

But to compliment him by calling him an idiot is just going to far....honestly.



February 9th, 2009 10:04am Report this comment

I am also Welsh and resent the gratuitous nature of this pointless slur (on the off-chance of a snigger) from the above article.
tommyt. Do try to grow up.
examine your own people who are standing idly by while a Scottish ,one eyed idiot gives your country and mine away to the fascist EUSSR which will shortly have another scottish idiot as President!

Aunt Elspeth

February 9th, 2009 10:12am Report this comment

Bravissimo. Please note spelling of presumptuous. Comb in post.

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