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Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Santana Snyder (Martha Byrne)
(Rose Marie D'Angelo)

E-mail address:
Nicknames called: Tiger Lily (by Rose D'Angelo)
Cara (by Damian Grimaldi)
Date of birth: August 19, 1969
Address: 1 Mile High Road, Luther's Corners, IL 61324
Phone number: 555-5459 and 555-4653
Parents: Mother: Biological: Iva Snyder (raped by Josh Snyder)
     Adoptive: Lucinda Walsh (Lily disaffirmed adoption, not known to have reinstated it)
Father: Biological: Josh Snyder (a.k.a. Rod Landry)
     Adoptive: Martin Guest (committed suicide in 1973, Lily discovered his body)
Grandparents: Emma Snyder (Iva’s adoptive mother), Cal Stricklyn (Rod’s biological father)
Siblings: Bianca Marques Walsh (adoptive sister)
M.J. Dixon (½ brother, Iva mother)
Sierra Esteban Reyes Montgomery (adoptive sister -- Lucinda’s only biological child)
Rose D’Angelo (identical twin, separated at birth)
Siblings living in Oakdale: Rose D’Angelo (identical twin, separated at birth)
Married to: Holden Snyder (1/12/98)
Diego Santana (murdered wedding day, 2/14/97 -- later annulled)
Damian Grimaldi (3/93; presumed dead after crash, reappeared alive, then joined monastery.)
Holden Snyder (11/5/91; divorced 1993)
Derek Mason (died in explosion he set up 9/29/89)
Relationships: Linc Lafferty
Sean Baxter
Caleb Snyder
Dusty Donovan (First Oakdale love. First kiss. First lover.)
Affairs with: Simon Frasier (while married to Holden, after returning from island)
Children: Luciano Eduardo “Luke” Grimaldi Snyder (with Damian Grimaldi, born 5/16/95)
Faith Snyder (w/ Holden, born 9/10/98, named ‘Melinda Hamilton’ once kidnapped by David)
Children in Oakdale: Luke Grimaldi
Faith Snyder
Legal troubles: Murder (later proved she didn’t kill Diego Santana)
Career: Current: Businesswoman (see below companies)
Former: The Cellar
Companies owned/run: Current: Yacht Club; WOAK (co-owns with Kim Hughes)
Lakeview Towers (co-owns with Lisa Grimaldi)
Former: WorldWide Industries and The City Times in Lucinda’s absence
Falcon Club/Valetta; Walsh Montgomery & Assoc. (bought out Emily; defunct)
Servants (personal): Stephanie (intermittent baby sitter)
Dr. Kimball (Pediatrician)
Tom Hughes (lawyer)
Medical Conditions/Blood Type: Pregnant, nearly restricted to bedrest, due in late 2002.
Suffered from pericarditis in 1997.
Underwent plastic surgery to cover scars after cottage explosion Has had one miscarriage. Distinguishing mark to differentiate from Rose: scar on back above waist from machete.
Blood type: A+
Nicknames calls others: Mother (NEVER “mom” -- calls Lucinda)
Miscellaneous notes/Most recent story notes:
Damian returned, looking to take Luke back to Malta. Lily and Holden refused, Damian kidnapped Luke. With a ruse Damian set up, it looked like Damian, Holden and Luke were dead. In reality, Holden and Luke were kidnapped and held prisoner... Finally, realizing that for Luke and him to not constantly be living in hiding, Damian acknowledged Luke should return to Lily and Holden. In so doing, he had to caution Luke to forevermore disavow any relation to Damian.

Finally back in Oakdale, Holden, Lily and Luke attended Molly and Jake’s wedding. They didn’t know that Dante had followed them, still out to hurt Luke. He held Rose at knifepoint at the wedding. Jack caught wind of Dante’s return and was in position to shoot him. Holden proposed to Lily that he adopt Luke and make their bond official.

Teenage Aaron has dropped out of high school and ridden his motorcycle from Seattle, running away, given the tensions in Caleb and Julie’s house, and how he is always suspected as guilty of wrongdoing by Caleb.

Note: Give Lily hot chocolate with a shot of peppermint schnapps, and she’s your slave.

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