All Japan FUJI GT Race
5.2sat / 3sun - FUJI Speedway


Fog Bank Ends 2nd Round of GTC

Round 2 All Japan FUJI GT Race
3 May '98
Race Report

In spite of bad weather, 47,500 race fans (organizer announcement) braved the rain for the second round of the 1998 All-Japan Grand Touring Car Championship at Fuji Speedway.

Just as the Pace Car entered its second lap at the start of the 67-lap race, the No.71 and No.910 PORSCHEs crashed on the main straight near the pit lane exit, causing a major accident on the track. The No.27 FERRARI burst into flames, and the red flag was shown to stop the race. After removing the stopped cars from the tracked, the remainder of the field returned to the starting grid for a shortened race of 51 laps. But as the starting procedure carried on, a dense fog bank rolled in over the circuit. The organizer waited for some time for the weather to turn good, but the fog had settled in with no appearance of clearing off. At 17:00, the organizer officially announced the cancellation of the race.

Tetsuya Ohta, the FERRARI driver, was burned heavily and moved to the hospital in Gotemba City. Tomohiko Sunako, driver of the No.910 PORSCHE, fractured his right leg.