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Women at Home and in the Community Image
Women at Home and in the Community




Civil Defense:

Service on the Homefront Poster

To the left is a Pennsylvania State Council of Defense poster that urged everyone in the family to become involved in the war effort.

To the right is an excerpt from an article on "Women and National Defense" by Mrs. Gustav Ketterer, the Chairperson of National Defense within the General Federation of Women's Clubs, January 1942.

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Women and National Defens

A large number of women’s auxiliary organizations formed spontaneously to volunteer services to the military and civilian civil defense organizations. Members of the largest, American Women’s Voluntary Services, were trained to drive ambulances, fight fires, and provide emergency medical aid in anticipation of aerial bombings that never materialized. Other volunteer military auxiliary groups organized locally.

American Women’s Voluntary Services identification card
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Voluntary Identification Card
Appreciation card for American Women's
Voluntary Services participant

Thank you card


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 Photo Credits (L to R): #1: Library of Congress, #2: The General Federation of Women's Clubs, #3-4: The Women's Memorial

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