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The FA

Jordan charge proven

At a Disciplinary Commission hearing today, a charge of improper conduct against Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan was found to be proven.

He was warned as to his future conduct and fined £10,000, the fine being suspended until 31 December 2006. The fine will be payable, in whole or in part, if he is found guilty of a similar offence before that time.

Mr Jordan was charged in relation to comments about referee Brian Curson made in an article in The Observer newspaper on Sunday 18 September 2005. He denied the charge and requested a personal hearing.

The Commission gave short reasons for their decision. In finding the charge proved, the Commission found that:

  • sections of the article were derogatory and beyond fair comment of matters that in a footballing context could be said to be of public interest
  • it did not accept that the relevant sections were motivated purely by a desire to improve refereeing standards
  • Mr Jordan was aggrieved by what he regarded as poor refereeing decisions and used his article to express his dissatisfaction

Mr Jordan has 14 days to appeal.