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Lenka takes her listeners ‘to unique place’
Friday, 28 November 2003
Lenka Lichtenberg
Czech-born singer and songwriter, Lenka Lichtenberg says her upcoming concert, “Open the Gate,” is a fitting testament to Canada’s cultural diversity.

Her CD of the same name will be released at the concert on Dec. 7 at 7:30 p.m. at the Isabel Bader Theatre, 93 Charles St. W.

“All the main participants on this recording project and concert are longtime collaborators who stem from different cultural backgrounds.”

The result, she says, “takes the listener to a unique, attractive place all its own.”

Lichtenberg’s second CD features new, original songs in English, with music ranging from Middle Eastern to eastern European.

Both the concert and the 12 original songs on the CD combine Lichtenberg’s passionate singing with the instrumental virtuosity of eight of Toronto’s leading musicians. Master string player Levon Ichkhanian, who produced the CD, will also be performing.

Lichtenberg’s first CD, Deep Inside, is a collection of five Yiddish songs, one Ladino/Hebrew song and six of her original compositions in English.

Born and raised in Prague where she was a child star, Lichtenberg came to Canada in 1981. She currently teaches music at Ryerson University.

Lichtenberg has performed in Toronto at the Ashkenaz Festival and with Zalmen Mlotek at the Yiddish Festival in Queens, N.Y.. She has presented several solo performances in Prague. She received the Canada Council of the Arts Specialized Recording Grant in the category of world music.

During Holocaust Remembrance Week, Lichtenberg performed as a soloist with Mitch Smolkin, as well as with the Toronto Jewish Folk Choir and the JCC Choir, at a program at the Miles S. Nadal Jewish Community Centre. She also sang Yiddish songs written by Simcha Simchovitch and Gurion Hyman.

In addition, Lichtenberg performs cantorial music. She has sung Kol Nidre at Kolel: The Adult Centre for Liberal Jewish Learning, and for several years, she has chanted selected High Holy Day prayers at Darchei Noam Reconstructionist Synagogue, where she is a member.

“Being welcomed to daven at Darchei Noam for Shabbat services is very meaningful and a very warm experience for me and my family,” she says.

Tickets for the Dec. 7 concert are $15. For more information, visit or for tickets, call Ticketmaster, 416-872 1111 or 416-932 0550.





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