A Global Technology Leader

Founded in 2015, the Union Aerospace Corporation is a global leader in energy, defense, aerospace, and bioresearch sectors.

Corporate Information
Information about the Union Aerospace Corporation.

Energy Services
The UAC has a diverse range of energy programs. Learn about them here.

Defense Systems
The UAC is the leading supplier for defense equipment for all major governments on Earth. Learn how UAC defense technologies are making your family more secure.

Aerospace Technology
Learn about the UAC's aerospace program. The UAC is the leading global supplier of interplanetary craft and spaceports.

The UAC is extending life and improving the quality of life with major developments in medicine and genetics.

Security Update, Audits

The UAC Intelligence Service is conducting random security audits under the provisions of Corporate Bill 927-A in an effort to comply with the Information Security Act.

Martian Reactor Upgrade

Upgrades are complete on the geothermic reactor at the Mars colony. Increased energy demands from quantum mechanics research now being met.

Monument Unveiled in D.C.

Unveiling of monument to UAC founder Thomas Kelliher scheduled for next Friday. Record turnout expected at Capitol Mall despite inclimate weather.

 Concerns over UAC dealings

   The UAC Administration has released an official briefing intended to allay fears generated by competing conglomerates that Union Aerospace is becoming too powerful. The briefing outlines a multi-phase plan in which UAC intends to promote continued business growth while respecting the sovereignty of other global conglomerates.
    This briefing was released following ongoing worldwide pressure for UAC to reveal its business model and expansion
  plan, primarily in regards to rumored acquisitions of smaller conglomerates and territories.

UAC within bounds of global law

   CEO and Chairman of the Board Ian Kelliher assured everyone, "There is nothing to be concerned about. UAC is now and has always been interested in fair trade and friendly competition. We do not intend to overstep our bounds within global law, which we respect a great deal."